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growth scan

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ive to get a growth scan on 26th july , I will be 35 weeks 5 days,

will they give me an estimated weight of my baby ? :)

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Hi hun yes they will. But remember only an estimate! My friend had one and they said her baby was going to be between 8&9lb but he was xxx

I think they would do that only if you ask.

I went for a private scan on my 35 weeks and they did tell me an estimated weight (but I also remember asking for it) :)

Although I read on forums that the estimated weight is at times not even near than the real baby weight.

Good luck !

They will give you a Hadlock estimation, but bear in mind this has a error margin of around 20%

did your friend get told 8 -9lb but turned out he was only 7lb, lol

I will just take it with a pinch of salt what weight they say to me then,

infact im sure they will give me an estimate weight because reason ive to get a growth scan is because my daughter & son was 10lb 4&half when born. so to get two growth scans one at 35w5d & 38w.

thanks for the replys :) x

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I had growth scan last week I was 32 weeks+6days and they told me estimated weight and now I am booked for another scan when I will be 36weeks+3days, this is my first pregnancy.

Yes they told her 8-9lb but baby was only 7 when born. Wow big babies!!! Lol xxlet us know how you get on xx

that's great they told you estimated weight, did they say baby was measuring fine for being 32w6d, did they able to tell you length of baby aswell,

reason ive to get growth scan is because I had 2 big babies x

yeah a think they must be either like 1lb of & just try to get a rough estimate of weight,

oh I know I couldn't believe it myself having over 10lbers lol, especially my daughter & son being the exact same even the 4&half lb, also was same midwife 4&half yr later lol,

when I had my 28wk checkup I was measuring spot on, but they say its usualy the last 6 wks when baby grows very fast x

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yes they told me estimated weight but they didn't mesure, I asked the lady she said that they can't mesure the lenght of the baby,they just can estimate the weight and some mesarument of leg,my reason for growth scan to see the baby if is growing well.

Are you talking about private scan right? NHS does not have scans after 20 week scan right?

If there are any issues with the growth of bump- too big or toi small midwife wilk refer you for a growth scan to check ob little one xx

its with the nhs im having the growth scans, as my 2 other children were big babies

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