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Scan confusion!!

I found out I was pregnant on the 8th June, my last period being on the 3rd April. Having spoken to a midwife they put me down as 10 weeks pregnant at the time (so round 12-13 weeks now). I was a bit unsure I was this far as my periods were usually 5-6 weeks, however thought I might be 11 weeks. Had the scan today and it turns out I am only 8 weeks ish. Feeling a bit down and worried as to why all my symptoms appear to have come and gone so quickly, and why I missed a period. Hoping everything is ok and the baby isn't ill, but did see a good heartbeat. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them?

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don't worry you've probably just got a really long 'luteal phase' where your egg travels from the ovary. this would tally with you having long cycles of 5-6 weeks.

my symptoms went really early too, so if there's a good heartbeat I would just try to relax and enjoy it! xx


Hey huni I too have just gone through the same thing. My last period to date was 9th april and my doctor said i was 9 weeks by period (I too have a 5 week cycle). But due to spotting I had to go for an early scan which when I went they were saying I wasnt 9 weeks gone but showed that I was only 5 weeks and like you my symptoms seem to disappear so I ohoned my epu and they told me that its normal for some women's symptom to come and go. Im now 8 weeks going by what they said at my second early scan and they are starting to come back now as I have bad case of nausea. and alls well with my baby.

I hope this helps you :) xx


Thanks both. I was feeling really worried but this has made me feel much better! Nice to see lots of other people are commenting on the symptoms too. I guess I just felt although the symptoms weren't nice they were a reminder the little one was there. But you are right, heartbeat was there, so just need to relax and wait :)

P.S. kaz sounds like we are due round the same time!


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