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Hi everyone.i've got a problem with seeing my midwife again when i should see her wvery two weeks now(i'm 33weeks now).i saw her on 26th and she asked me to book an appointment with her for 8th july.but my surgery cant do it as she fully booked till august!!!!i'm fuming right now.its ok for some to work twice a week...i tried to ring her but her phone was off since last wedensday.when i finally got to talk to her she promised to fit me in for next week and she'll let me know.instead she sent me a text saying sorry she cant see me but another midwife will on the 17th!i'm angry and so dissapointed.the problem is...the midwife i'm gonna see on that day is my first midwife which i had to complain about due to writing wrong things in my pregnancy book(like i had ecoli bacteria and antibiotics-my consultant checked it and i never.he got me in touch with head of midwives and she changed her for me straight away).so what shall i do now?shall i contact hospital again?i dont fancy seeing someone who wasnt there for me when i had every bleeding and other problems...i've got 7weeks left hopefully and i feel so let down ...:(


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  • Oh hun, im sorry you've got to go through all of this "espicially now at this stage" in the pregnancy.

    Are you saying your community midwife only seems to work 2 days a week ?

    if so you've got to keep trying. The next time you manage to get her on the phone ask her which days does she work as your entitled to at least be able to contact her.

    If im right i think i remember you saying you wanted a C-section to deliver this baby. have you managed to book a date for that yet ?

    My thoughts are you could probably start to ignore this useless midwife now as you are preparing to go for a c-sec most of your correspondance could now be with your chosen hospital & consultant.


  • Poor you, that's the last thing you need.

    If you decide you need one I would go to the head of midwives again if I were you - it's really stressful for you and you have to have someone you like and trust.

    Most of the time the NHS are great, but every now and again you have to stand up for yourself to make sure you get what you need, eh?

    Hope it works out xx

  • How Annoying Yes I would definitely! Not Good enough really x

  • I feel they ignoring me.all my friends had lovely midwifes but then they had no problems.maybe if i was with different surgery?but its too late to change midwife only works on mondays and wedensdays lol.if its her day of her phone is off.i had many episodes of bleeding or infection but she never was gp or hospital...i'm not sure whats her duty then...she only contacted the consultant last week so i need to wait for the letter first...if i can trust her she's done it.i am slowly losing my patience.and i'll ring the head of midwives tomorrow as i cant sleep when i think too much.she knows why i requested c section so hopefully that will be baby girl is not lying head down yet but properly transverse and back to son was the same.she may move down but not sure if she can turn over so fingers crossed xx

  • Having similar issues - last saw my midwife of MAY 17th! Supposed to be seen WEEKLY! Tried different ways of contacting the team over the last few weeks. Today gave up and went to PALS, CC'ing in the Chief Exec! Glad I'm high risk, as seeing my obstetrician every two weeks, so have some contact with ante natal care.... Being seen for a growth scan tomorrow, so am going to cause as much trouble as I can. Not leaving hospital until the care for the last three weeks of my pregnancy has been transferred to the hospital midwife team!

  • Wow drFluffy!!!how bad is that!!!its a joke!!!and you at high risk.fingers crossed for you for tomorrow.and yep you show them!i will act tomorrow as well.i wont let ruin the rest of my pregnancy.we suspose to enjoy it and i've been stressing all the midwife asked me last time if i'm seeing consultant because of the laparoscopy i had shall i know about it if she never told me?i know i'm at risk of preterm labour because of that but i cant arrange things for myself if i dont know what to do...but i'll start from tomorrow !!

  • ...and I know how the system 'works'! Hate to think how other people navigate this!!!

  • I think that is what frustrates me so much. I'm not in the system but I am a vet so have a decent amount of understanding and am able to go away and recognise valid research and make informed choices. I am also assertive- partic when pregnant, sone may call it grumpy! But I worry what happens to the more vulnerable and less informed, especially those who wouldnt think to use a forum like this! Hope to be hearing of a birth soon! My BP is back down so hoping for birth centre- its all cos hubby working from home now, induction booked Tues if he doesnt come before.

  • Oh no sounds like you guys have been very unlucky.. although having seen my community midwife team only 3 times throughout this pregnancy as been under consultant care every 2 weeks and never seeing the same midwife luckily they have all been lovely. I see however the vast inequalities in care as my sister is pregnant up in Manchester and her care compared to mine has been very poor

  • I would think getting in touch with antenatal at the hospital is your best bet too. x

  • I actually feel lucky - my obstetrics team are AMAZING! Would rather poor madwife care and great maternal and foetal medicine care than vice versa!


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