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40+3 membrane sweep

Just been for a membrane sweep about 2hrs ago and omg!! It's so painful!! I thought it will be similar to a smear test but no way a smear test is a piece of cake compared to a sweep. Am just praying it should work can't wait to have my baby.fingers crossed !

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Aww did mw say how yout cervix was? Xxx

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She said it is posterior but soft and that I wasn't dilated......

I feel your pain it honestly is weird uncomfortable. Fingers are crossed for you Hun. Keep moving bouncing look forward to reading that baby has decided its time to meet mummy. Xx

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Yes am on the bouncing ball right now! Booked for induction next Wednesday if it doesn't work will be almost 42 weeks!! Bloody hell .xx

Haha, hopfully it will do some good (lets hope)

Did the midwife / nurse which performed the sweep say anything about your cervix or feeling of the baby's head

i had a simular experience when i was ready to give birth to my son in 2008. even though he decided to stay in my womb for another week "after sweep" i remember the midwife saying she could feel something like his head so it wont be waiting much longer.

A Boy thing!!!! haha :-)

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Yes she said that the cervix was posterior,soft and she felt baby's head but I wasn't dilated at all.x

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O.k, yes sounds familiar, as i said lets hope it does the trick all babies are different i just think they definetely get too comfortable in there though!


Best of luck to you! I had a sweep with my second when I was a week over my dates and it did the trick, he was born 13 hrs later :)

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Ooh thanks I so hope it works.xx

Wishing you well hun, keep bouncing & keep us posted on your progress...its so interesting to hear peoples stories :) X

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Yes I will.been bouncing all afternoon nothing yet!!

Hello ladies, will be writing a blog post soon but feel your pain Azelia! Since last Wednesday I have lost out if the number of times this has been done, in varying degrees of pain and uncomfortableness! It really depends on the midwife nod size and length of her fingers! Sorry that this didn't work for you either, please take comfort that you are not the only one, it certainly made me feel better! X

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Feeling nothing yet been bouncing all afternoon ??.i can't wait to hear your story I know u were induced at 40+13.i know exactly how u felt now my induction is next week at 40+12.ive kept it a secret from fam and friends as am sick of questions.i can't wait to hear your story!!??

Count even... And exchange nod for finger!

I have my sweep booked in for Friday morning. Midwife said it you'd be a little uncomfortable but after reading this about being painful. Im a little scared ! Will all be worth it in the end though x good luck everyone x

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Sorry I didn't mean to scare u but yes it was uncomfortable my advice is to relax and not feel too tensed, everyone has got different experiences to situations so yours might not be as painful!ive got another one booked next Monday but I will leave it will just wait for induction.good luck.x

Tbh does depend on the 'sweeper'! I had one last week with consultant which was pretty uncomfortable and one on Mon with MW which was much better but she didnt think cervix wad any more dilated ( 1cm). Didnt get any sweeps with my first couldnt get through my unfavourable cervix!! Trying was pretty sore though!! Good luck, induction isnt all bad either, managed to deliver naturally with just gas and air despite requiring pessarry waters breaking and drip so keep a positive mind!! X

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Thanks! I've got another sweep booked on Monday but am not going through that again so i will just go in for induction on Wednesday am nervous but hey it's about time this baby comes I will b 40+12 then.xx

Painful??? Oh god I'm all scared now I got one Monday of LO doesn't decide to show before then I'll be 4 days over. The thought of someone pulling and poking around actually makes me cringe and feel sick! :(

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