Faint line on pregnancy test

Faint line on pregnancy test


TTC since April. Took a pregnancy test last Sunday (23/6/13) and it was negative, took 2nd (from 2pack of HPT) on Thurs, very faint line which I didnt notice until a couple of hours later! Bought 2x ClearBlue (the ones that show if ur pregnant + how many weeks) on Friday, 1st showed 'not pregnant' 2nd was my first wee on Sat morn (even tho I remember getting up during the night so not sire what time??) also 'not pregnant'.

Bought 2x Asdas cheapys today, just out of impatience really as Im not due on for another 8 days.... Took 1st approx 5pm, a fairly faint but obvious 2nd line......

What you think?????

Going to take other 1 first thing tomorrow. Feel nervous but excited!!!!!!

Thanks xxx

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  • Hi,

    This brings back memory's of when I was trying, I was peeing on sticks left right and centre!

    8 days before you're due on is really, really early to test - body's are all different so of course I'm not saying its impossible, but it is a big ask for a test to detect a positive result so early. Try your hardest to wait until a bit closer if you can - I am being a thorough hypocrite as I was a nightmare for testing willy nilly!

    As a side note, do beware of looking at tests hours after you've used them as its really common for what looks like a positive line to appear - its usually an evaporation line. If a positive result doesn't appear during the time period specified on the packet it's generally safe to say that the test is negative.

    Fingers and toes crossed for you - I'm sure it'll happen soon, hopefully you already have a little passenger! Try to be patient :-) x

  • OMGGGG!! Forced to take another test today off my partner... V Clear 2nd line!!!! WOW xxx

  • Thanks I really appreciate all your advice. The teat today the 2nd line appeared within few minutes but got darker over a period of about 20 mins. Its ther, but no where near as dark as th test line.

    I wish I could just relax about it all, this potential positive had got me up the wall. Just want to know NOW! Haha.

    Thanks :)xxx

  • The test**

  • A faint positive is still a positive - hang on as long as you can to confirm it if you're not quite sure. Try not to pull all of your hair out! Let us know :-) x

  • Another test today! Extremely clear 2nd line :-0 early days tho!xxx

  • Brilliant news! Congratulations, very early days but so lovely to get that positive. Take care xx

  • I think you may well be up the duff! And, trust me I know from my own behaviour, also a massive pregnancy testing junkie! I was doing about 3 a day from the day before my period was due, and sending myself on a rollercoaster of 'am I, aren't I?', nearly bankrupted myself in the process...

    If you can, hold off for a couple of days. Hypocritical, I know! Or buy shares in clear blue.


  • Haha I hope so. Its awful, with our first we knew we wanted a baby but it just kinda hapind.. This time round its all Im thinking about!!!!!

    Fingers & toes crossed!!!!

    Thank u :)xxx

  • Ooooo just ready yr post! How exciting xx good luck..Fingers toes....everything crossed :-) xx

  • Aww thank u. Test this morn again a faint line & didnt come up as quick as yesterdays :/ so we'll see xxx

  • Don't forget your not even late yet so you testing early but its still a line :-) xxxx

  • I had similar to you and am now 29 weeks pregnant. Negatives for ages afterynperuod was due. Then eventually the feintest line I was sure I was imagining it but a few days after I had a proper positive. I would say its looking very likely you are pregnant! Good luck!

  • Thanks you.:)xxxxx

  • hi :)

    try and weight a few more days hard i know :) but a faint line is a line so fingers crossed for you xx

  • Im going to.. Feelin optimistic, thats 3 pregnancy tests with the same faint line :/ weras av used the same tests befor and abso nothing!

    Only time will tell <3x

  • 8 days is waaaayyyy to early to check, the good brands can only detect four days before your period is due. You are better off waiting till you miss you period as that is a sure sign that you are pregnant and then testing rather than wasting your money on buying loads of tests. I know it is to nerve wrecking and impatient to wait as we have all been through it when ttc but good things come to those who wait.

    I tested to early and then had a mc at the same time my period was due so if I had never of tested I would have never known so wouldn't have been so upset about coming on.

  • Aww thats awful. Im getting slight crampy pains but like u say its so early! But thats 3 tests all with a faint second line :/ we'll soon fine out tho! #7days xx Thanks xx

  • I believe you are pregnant,it happened to me. I tested for the first time,I was negative and I did a urine dipstick there was blood in it. so after three day I dipstick again no blood. I did a pregnant test it was very faint after two day I tried was two lines and faint. tried third time faint but two lines,I went to my gp and they confirmed it . it doesn't really matter if the line is faint. you are pregnant,as long as its two obvious lines,one can be faint.goodluck to you.

  • Thank you! We'll soon fine out. Im holding off on buying anymor tests, i mean am only buying 2x for £1 from Asda but it is really early!

    Tryna stay positibe tho, 3 tests now all with a faint line!! Xxxx

  • It is hard but try to wait till at least four days before your period is due if you've been TTC. I was in the same position as you a couple of weeks ago - waiting till four days before my period was hard but so worth it to see a strong positive result. Good luck and keep us informed (I'm now nearly 5 weeks gone so it is worth hanging in there :) )

  • Ahhhh CONGRATS!! :)

    Yeh im goin to wait till the weekend now b4 I do another test, just the 3x ive done already on sep days showing a faint line has me all excited.

    Hope its a happy ending! Will keep in touch :) Thanks x

  • I agree with the comments above about waiting a week until you are really due. I know the tought of you being pregnant will be constantly on your mind and the wait may drive you slightly crazy but I think it is worth it. You will save yourself buying the tests unnecessarily. I found out quite early in the pregnancy that I was 2-3 weeks pregnant. The first cheap test I did was initially showing just one strong line so I threw it away but somehow I heard a voice in my head to go and check it again about 15mins later, so I got it out and there was a very faint second line. So the very next day I went to get the expensive clear blue test that tell you exactly how far you are gone and it confirmed that I was pregnant and was 2-3 weeks. So if I were you, I would wait and then do the clear blue test which is pretty accurate.

    Good luck with your patience and waiting. I hope you get the result you are waiting for very soon and please let us all know. :)

  • Will do :) Thank you xxxxx

  • Forced into another test by the hubby..... V Clear 2nd line, wowwww!!!!

    He even wee'd on 1 himself to check and his is, as expected, NEGATIVE!!!



  • Woohoo! Congrats and lol at the hubby haha xx

  • Haha thank u xx

  • Ooooooooooooooooooooo yay!! How exciting hun well done and congratulations xx you happy?? Daft question lol of course you are hehe xxxx

  • Im really happy.... Just worried that Im still 4 days off my period... A defo positive tho... Paranoid maybe?lol. Thank youuuu xxx

  • Completely normal especially when want it soo much! It's fab im so happy for you and yr husband. Oh well can do another test in a few days lol how many that be!? Lol xxx

  • Lost count ;) haha!!!! Xx

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