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9 weeks and 3 days...

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Evening ladies,

So im preparing for the midwifes appointment tommorow morning. The sickness is starting to go down thankfully. Just the terrible siatica that just slices through my lower back on one side down my leg. Im still not earin much but im drinking plenty. Although im only 9 weeks and 3 days, i have atarted to form a belly! I look around 3 months and a bit, but by my calculations and my last period, im a bit surprised im showing already.

Anywho also i am constantly tired! I could sleep all day if i could, and im finding work a little hard already.

I will be giving updates of my progress as time foes on (ill try not to leave it for too long!) and also keep you updated on the midwife appoinment tommorow :)


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Congratulations! Don't worry about showing early, think it just depends where your uterus sits of summat. Plus you may find your dates are a bit out, I turned out to be nearly 14w at the 12w scan even though I'd done my dates!

Hopefully you'll feel a bit less tired in a week or two, too!

Good luck tomorrow xx

Think Ur quite bloated in the first 12 weeks Start to grow into ur after that. .. its amazing how much the baby sucks the life out of u.... hopefully ur feel better after 12 weeks x

Ah that has gone fast already she will be booking you in for your scan soon then bet you cant wait.

Good luck with your app & just try and get some extra sleep. It will wear off soon and you will start to feel better and more awake.

Hope your appointment has gone ok Hunni, x

Good luck tomorrow :) glad the sickness is easing, its the worst :( xx

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