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Woohoo - we will have a daddy's little princess

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And we are delighted :)

Miss E was most annoyed at the sonographer poking and prodding at her and kept glaring towards us lol got a pic of it (as attached). She was posing just like at her 12 week scan - she is definitely going to be laid back.

So happy :):):)

I have a low lying placenta so have to go back for another scan at 32 weeks (not upset at that as I will get some more pics) but the sonographer just said that there is a possibility that I might bleed at some point due to the placenta lying low but I'm not too worried. Will just make sure I'm extra careful (being rh neg I have to take care anyway).

How exciting :D

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Awwwwwww congratulations :-) you sound over the moon to be getting a pink one :-) any names in mind xx

Yes we had the name before we conceived lol - have never even thought of a boys name! We were just convinced all along it was a girl. It's nice as my husband has a son from his previous marriage so we have one of each. The name will be announced upon her arrival :) x

Yeeeeeah! This year seems to have been a mixture of genders. I also found out i am having a girl on the 20/06. as you are im so delighted ( not only as i have a son already) but most of the people i know "both friends & family" have all giving birth to boys.

Congratulations Woohoo Team Pink!!! :-)

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There does seem to have been an influx of boys lately! Girls rule lol x

What a lovely post! I'm finding out in a week and can't wait!

Congratulations!! Glad to hear you are planning to take it easy xx

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Good luck :) x

Massive congrats. And lucky you for getting another scan ;-)

I hope everything is OK with the placenta and hopefully it still has time to migrate upwards.

So many November babies, it's so exciting!


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I think we were all trying to keep warm in Feb ;p xx

aaah thats fab news. I've got my 20 week scan on Thursday and i'm beside myself with worry/excitement. I've managed to convince myself there's something wrong cos not fet any movements yet. so really can't wait til Thursday morning to see our little one. Not going to find out sex which i'm going to find difficult but husband doesn't want to know and i think it will be a nice surprise.

Congrats to you - hope to have similar good news on thursday :)

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I too was nervous as I hadn't really felt anything but then on Sunday night I was feeling muscle spasms - well that's kind of how it felt then I placed my hand on my belly where I had felt one and I was booted! No doubt what it was. I didn't know whether to be delighted or freaked out lol Haven't felt her since though but it's so reassuring having had the scan.

Good luck on Thursday - I think it was more amazing than my 12 week scan xx

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