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Still not sinking in I'm a mummy!

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Well ladies I am delighted to announce I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Friday, 28th June at 10.32am weighing 6lb 12oz! His name is Hugo and he arrived exactly 1 week early.

I'd like to share my birth story with you all as I found reading other people's story very helpful. I am being totally honest and will warn I am including some gory bits but I feel it's only fair I am truthful about what I went through!


Little Hugo was due 5th July. I had finished work on 14th June and was enjoying pottering around and taking it easy!

For 2 weeks I had been feeling more frequent Braxton hicks and occasional tightening but they never turned into anything more. Although I still had a while to go I was very anxious about going over due.

So Thursday 27th June came round and I had a breastfeeding workshop and had arranged a final meal out with the girls before baby arrives!

I went to the class which was great! Learned a lot and got some great tips. Had a couple of bigger twinges during the class but didn't think anything of it as I had the same thing the night before and they just stopped.

I went home at 2pm and made a batch of tripple chocolate muffins. My husband holds a monthly meeting for his staff and I always provide some goodies for them! The twinges carried on but I was busy and just continued thinking it was Braxtons

Next I went to meadowhall shopping centre to meet my friends for tea, did a bit of shopping first and had a Starbucks, all the time these pains were coming more and more, during the meal I was using a contraction counter app and they were everyday 3-5 mins lasting 30-60s it was at this point I thought ok I think this is it!!

Called the husband who was also with friends and said he needed to go home, my friend took me home and on the way back I called the hospital who advised have a bath take paracetamol and stay home until I can't cope any more!

Did all of the above and within an hour the pain was so intense I could hardly breathe or speak so we decided it was time to go! Everything was packed and ready so off we went. Contractions in the car were no fun! And I think a few people at traffic lights got a shock when they saw me. Luckily it was half midnight so not busy!

I was assessed very quickly and was relieved to be told I was 4cm I was so proud of myself to have been in labour for 10 hours and got to 4 cm on just 2 paracetamol.

They gave me the gas and air and this was great. Made a real difference up until about 6am when the contractions were so intense and pretty much one after another. The midwives had started monitoring Hugo more and more and I sensed something was wrong... his heart was dipping very low after each contraction.

I decided I wanted an epidural as I was really struggling. The anaesthetist came and there was a bit of drama over him actually giving it to me as I broke my back 9 years ago. I had meeting with an anaestethist earlier in the pregnancy and he assured me it would be fine to have one... the issue was there were no notes confirming this! Nightmare! Any way I told them everything and he eventually did it! He then became my best friend!

So loved the epidural however it pretty much stopped contractions at 6cm so was given drugs to get them going again! Then Hugos heart rate was dropping lower for longer. The consultant did some tests where small samples of blood were taken from the top of babys head to check all his levels. The results were instant and all came back normal however the midwife looking after me was not happy and kept going to the senior consultant for 2nd opinions. After 4 hours of checks and monitoring I was prepped to go to theatre. They said they will repeat the blood samples one last time and if they came back abnormal I'd need a c-section.

the results were good so the consultant said as I was only 9cm we would wait another hour and see if I can get to 10cm. This made me very anxious as despite the good bloods I just wanted him out! Midwife not happy with the decision either so she saw the main consultant again and she said no I need to be in theatre now! She instructed that I was topped up with epidural and they would check me again in theatre. If I was 10cm they would try to deliver baby by forceps but if not it would be c-section! I was terrified but relieved in a way as I knew either way he would be out soon!

They gave me a huge dose of epidural, before I wad numb but could still move and had strength in my legs but after this extra I lost all feeling and movement from just below my boobs to my toes!

I was checked and to everyone's surprise I was 10cm so out came the forceps! Thank God I had that epidural is all I can say! Hugos head was delivered very quickly and the cause of his dropping heart rate became clear... the cord was tight round his neck. It was pulled off but it snapped! Hugo was born at 10.32 open eyes and crying. They whisked him off and got him sorted and he was fine and all in one perfect little piece! sadly the same could not be said for me though...

The placenta wasn't delivering despite lots of medication so the consultant had to go fishing for it! Felt nothing other than pressure and just very weird. He eventually got it all in one piece! Damage to me was minimal considering everything we went through. A small tear, small episiotomy and some pretty nasty piles!

We had 2 nights in hospital due to pain management and extreme swelling and when I say swelling... good god! I had a peak and thought I'd turned into a boy!!!

All has calmed down now and the main problem is the piles actually!

Hugo is an angel, sleeps well and feeds perfectly! I desperately wanted to be able to breastfeed so the fact that its going so well has made up for the less than ideal delivery..

Hospital care was incredible and I can honesty say it's true all the pain is a distant memory the second you hold baby!

Motherhood is amazing and I look at our beautiful boy and get so emotional. I'm terrified of getting things wrong, dropping him, cot death... pretty much everything really but I'm told its normal! I need to relax and trust myself!!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post and that I haven't bored you or freaked you out either!

I'm going to try and upload a photo so fingers crossed I manage it!!


15 Replies

Massive congrats!

What an amazing story and thank you for sharing. I think it's good to get a real perspective of what actually can happen and makes you more prepared.

Hope you are feeling better soon, a rubber ring might be your new best friend?!

Enjoy lots of baby cuddles with Hugo (love the name btw!)

Sending big hugs xXx


Congratulations Hun very similar birth to me so glad that our baby's arrived safe. Well done on getting so far before epidural.. I was dead against them having laboured twice before with only g&a but boy I'm glad I had one totally relaxed me too. Enjoy your start in motherhood its an amazing time watching them grow. Xx


Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy, and well done you, sounds pretty traumatic!

Enjoy your new wee bundle of joy!

T xxx


Congratulations! Sounds Quite traumatic but glad every thing is ok! Yes Very normal to feel them things. ..I had visions of me dropping my son downstairs. ..I felt so nervous about going downstairs. .. about the piles get to the drs they can prescribe some brilliant cream that numbs the area instant relief and take some pain killers ur be limited to paracetamol of breast feeding but if not some much better ones! Poor U having them fish around for the placenta they done that to me when they thought my section scarhad ruptured not nice! But glad ur home and u and baby are safe and sound x


Ah what a cutie, congratulation and love the name xx


Wow what a story! Well done to you and big welcome to baby Hugo xx

Congratulations!!!! Xx


Congratulations! My worse case scenario would be an assisted delivery, so well done you!

I'm hoping to go for a 'walking epidural' when my time comes - don't want opioid meds and scared of being acopic with just 'gas and air' and paracetamol.

Vodka IV may be? ;-p

Welcome Hugo!!





Thank you all for reading and glad you like the name! So many people have commented on it saying how lovely it is so we are over the moon with our choice! Getting him registered asap the waiting list here in sheffield is apparently 4 weeks for an appointment and you only get 6 weeks to do it or its a £1000 fine!! Ouch! We are pretty sure we won't be giving him a middle name, I wanted Alan after my father however his initials would spell HAM and the husband is worried in case he gets teased! My only other name would be Victor after my grandfather however can't have this either as my sister in law lost a baby at 22 weeks and they named him Victor! Any way we have a very long surname so 2 names might be a bit much!!!

Dr Fluffy I hated the idea of assisted delivery too seeing them on OBEM terrified me but unfortunately I had no choice so I will keep my fingers crossed double for you!! IV vodka could be the future....!

And babymother thanks for the piles advice, I have anusol but if there is little or no improvement after a week I'll be going to see gp for something else!

Love and best wishes to everyone hope you too share your stories when your babies arrive! Xx


Lovely blog, full of highs and lows, thank you for sharing and congratulations on the birth of your adorable little man Hugo..enjoy him xx :)


Congratulations, glad he arrived safe and sound and well done to you for going so long on just paracetemol

Welcome to the world baby Hugo

x x x


Congratz you 2 may you have a beautiful time from now on


Congratulations!! What a gorgeous little boy you have :-) xx


Wow, congratulations, thank you for sharing! Gorgeous name and a really informative birth story, well done you! X


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