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Hi it is my first child here in the Uk and I have a useless and rude midwife, when I asked her about the MATB1 to give at work she arrogantly answered that anyone could sign that and she will not book an appointment only for that, I was wondering who should give me that form, the employer or the midwife? Cause she only talked about signing it not filling it and she said I could call her and she will sign that.

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  • Usually your G.p is the one to give you a MATB1 Certificate.

    Once your g.p has seen you after about wk21, 22 of pregnancy you are entitled to ask him / her & he / she should also be able to sign it too.


  • My midwife gave mine at 23 weeks but they will give it to anytime after 20 weeks. And yeh ur gp can sign it but my midwife did mine. How far along are u? Wen u hav ur nxt app ask her again. U dont need an app just for it, was just incorporated into my check. Are u able too see another midwife if this one is horrible. X

  • I got mine from the hospital where I'm booked. Equally your GP can do it. I realised that midwives are under a lot of pressure, but my experience of community midwifery has been equally appalling! Email to chief exec and PALS being drafted as we speak!

  • Hello, i got mine at my 25 week check up at with the midwife last Wednesday, according to my work guidelines my employers needed it before i hit 25 weeks but when i rang the HR department they said they are quite leanient, she gave me the form and she has just signed the back saying when she checked me and when my due date is, the only other info that needed to go on it was my name. address and postcode so i filled it in, took a photocopy and sent the original to my head office

    x x x

  • Thank you, I had my 16 weeks app today and asked for it and that was the answer, I only have another app around 28 weeks, it's too late since my employers need it before 25 weeks, when I'll be 20 weeks I guess I'll just go to the Gp or even ring her and she said.

  • she must give to you definitely before 24 weeks as that is your right to have it before that. If your mid-wife is not responding probably call the mid-wife supervisor and tell them about the situation.

    My GP strangely had no clue about the MatB certificate (as I had a request from my scholarship body to provide them also with an original certificate from the GP, apart from submitting one in the University). Strangely, the GP had no clue about either the MaTB form or a written letter confirming my DOB. Thankfully my mid-wife appointment was on week 23 so i asked her for both.

  • sorry meant EDD not DOB :P (hopeful DOB of my baby :P )

  • my employer was happy to take my letter for my maternity intentions and then follow it on with the MATB1 form when i got it, in my case as long as they had everything before 11 weeks before my due date they were happy

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  • I arranged to have my 25 week checkup brought forward to 23 weeks so I could get my MATB1 to my employer - our HR policy states that we need to give 15 weeks notice for maternity leave or we won't get the pay on time. The midwife was somewhat reluctant and said the form is not normally issued until 25 weeks of pregnancy, but was sympathetic when I told her that's what my employer was insisting on.

  • Same with my employer and 15 weeks is the deadline that's why I was asking her around 20-22 weeks of pregnancy

  • All employers have this.

  • I got mine from gp. If your midwife is being that rude youbshud definitely file a formal complaint good luck.

  • Could you ask to see a MW at your 20 week scan fo it? Otherwise see if work are happy waiting, mine were fine with it.

  • My midwife gave me mine at 23 weeks during one of my routine checks. In the notes given me of when I will have appointments and what each will cover, this is the clinical guidance for midwives in our area, it says at 25 weeks "Issue Mat B1"

    If your midwife is being difficult ask your GP as they should be able to help just watch you don't get timed out on when your employer says the have to have it by, let them know if yo are having issues and they will probably be OK with it being a bit late.

  • Hi there, I too am in the middle of sorting out leave, maternity entitlements etc. As I understand it you must inform your employer, best in writing, that you are pregnant by the time you are 25 weeks. The MATB1 is accepted as evidence that you are pregnant and can be issued after 20 weeks by either a Dr or MW and is necessary for your pay when on leave.

    With regards to leave, 15 weeks before your due date you need to tell your employer when you want your leave to start, again this is best in writing. The employer has 28 days to confirm your leave start and end date and for extra measure I'd ask for details on your expected pay . The earliest you can start leave is 11 weeks before your due date. There is a maternity pay/ dates calculator and further information at

    Have a look its worth taking the time to sort everything from the outset, as unfortunately many women still get unfairly treated.

    I hope this helps :)

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