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Placenta previa update

Placenta previa update

Sorry I've not been on for a long time but internet wasn't great in hospital.

So quick round up, I was admitted to hospital on the 21st of May with major placenta previa. I was devastated especially leaving the other 2 kids at home. Anyway I've made some amazing friends for life as we were all going through similar things.

I was booked for my section on 21st June. So exactly a month after admission, hubby and I walked to the operating theatre! At 12.15pm on the 21st of June our son Isaac Blake was born weighing 5lbs 15.5 ozs.

Things were a bit traumatic in theatre, I lost a lot of blood, needed a transfusion and a balloon inflated in my womb to stop it from bleeding. I then spent 24 hours on delivery suite being monitored one to one care.

Everything was fine, I got transferred to post natal and managed to get home the following day after 35 days in hospital.

I got home on the Sunday and everything was going great till Monday afternoon when Isaac stopped breast feeding was quite drowsy and I became quite concerned. Midwife came out and sent us back to the hospital for review. Unfortunately Isaac was struggling to maintain his temperature and wouldn't feed. We had to stay in for another 2 days at least! They started him on IV antibiotics and with loads of care and attention from the nursery nurses we managed to crack breast feeding using a nipple shield as Isaac has a bad habit of sucking his tongue to the roof of his mouth!

So I finally came home on Thursday and everything is looking amazing! Midwife has discharged is this morning and he had lost weight before we were readmitted but now has put on so it's all looking so much better.

So that's it for me, definitely no more kids, my family is complete.


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Awwwwww what a beautiful boy :-) bless you going through everything but it was all worth it in the end. Big congratulations to you and your family. Take care and enjoy the new addition xxx


God sounds like you have been through the mill abit, bet you are sick of seeing the hospital now but hopefully you wont be admitted back now. Breastfeeding is so difficult, he is heart breaking when it doesn't go the way you want and other mums seem to make it look so easy.

Ah your little boy is cute.

I have got to have a C-section I think depending on the 36w scan and how big the baby is measuring. Did you loose alot of blood from the placenta previa or just from having the C-section? I am so nervous about having the op as they have given me this sheet of things that can go wrong in the operating theatre which has given me the hebby jebbies.


It was due to the placenta previa and the fact that it was my 3rd section. Also my womb was extremely thin so they knew all this beforehand. The worst case scenario painted to me was that they would need to give me a general anesthetic and potentially a hysterectomy and I managed to have neither and I was a complex


Try not to worry it will all be fine xx


Glad all was ok in the end congratulations! Why did he have to have antibiotics? Glad he is ok and they let u out quickly! After living there for over a month bet u were pleased to be home! All the best xx


They thought he had an infection so were over cautious which is very much what I'd prefer them to be xxx


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