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Brown Discharge, Late period!

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I have recently Started Getting Brown Discharge In My Knickers! (Sorry I Know Its To Much Detail But I Need To Find Out!!) My Period Is Late, My Period Was Supposed To Be Here On The 9th June Or Sometimes The 19th. (My Periods Come When They Want To) I Had Unprotected Sex Tuesday Wednesday And Friday! Me And My Boyfriend Are Trying For A Baby. Today I Have Been To The Toilet And Seen Abit Of Brown Discharge! Can Someone PLEASE Help Me!! I Really Really Want A Baby!! xxx

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Have you done a pregnancy test ?

As its the 1st of july tommrow i can honestly say your period is definetely late.

The best way to find out is by buying a pregnancy test.


Hi do a test :-) if you have brown discharge then it's old blood so nothing to worry about there. Good. Luck. Really hope you get that positive result you want hun xx

Hi Everyone Thanks For Your Reply's. Im Getting A Little Worried Now. Just Been To The Toilet And I Have A Tiny Bit of Blood Coming Out!! It Doesn't Go On My Knickers Though Its Just When I Wipe!! (Sorry I know To Much Detail!!!) xx

What's happened to you happened to me to so its best you Get the clear blue digital test and make sure its the first wee of the day, clear blue is more accurate than the cheap ones n the one used at Gp's So Good luckk!

Do a pregnancy test that is the only way you will know.

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