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32 weeks vaginal discharge

My wife is in 32 weeks, she is experiencing healthy pregnancy so far, but from last 3 days she's feeling some drops coming out from vagina with severe pain. the drops interval ranges from 15 mins to 1 hour. she took paracetamol but effects a little.

is it normal in this week to experience this problem? we are curious as this is our first pregnancy.

many thanks


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Hiya.i'm also 32weeks and been having discharge for ages.but i always go to my gp if i notice something 2weeks ago.i had strange pains and felt like baby was ready to come out or pushing really hard on my gp took a swab and i've got a infection (bacterial vaginosis) .i'm on metronidazole and the pain has gone.its worth to be checked out because if its not treated and it is infection it could cause an early labour.hope that helps :)


thanks for your messeage, we went to hospital to be checked, they have taken swab for further investigation. she's feeling well now, thanks again to all


Always Get pain checked out I would r ring labour Ward ... it could be her waters x


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