4D scan this afternoon :-)

4D scan this afternoon :-)

Just back from my 3D/4D scan today and really impressed with the images. My little one was making things difficult for the sonographer, hiding his/her face behind both hands and feet! They did a great job of keeping the gender hidden as I'm sure it would have been really obvious if images had been taken any lower down. Very happy :-) one of the pictures is attached (and that is a foot not a hand by baby's head!)

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  • Oh wow

    It's amazing how you can also see every detail isn't it. I must say you're a stronger woman than me as i dont think i'd be able to resist in not seeing the gender.

    "based on the features you could see on the pictures do you have a sort of idea ?

    Due to my financial status i will not do a 3d / 4d scan but looking at this (profile pic) does make you wonder.


  • It was tempting to ask the gender, but kind of exciting waiting until the birth. There really was no wasy to tell Based on the features as it was like looking at a miniature newborn. I think the sonographer may have quickly passed over the area in 2D which she used at the start to check how baby was lying, but to my untrained eye, nothing.

    Baby's features most resemble my youngest daughter when she was born :-)

  • Ooooooo look at that little nose hehe :-D xxx

  • It's lovely, isn't it :-)

  • wow what an amazing scan picture... youve a bendy baby like mine every scan its feet have been up at its head. im loving its features its little chin is soo cute hun wow.. x

  • Yes totally amazing, so pleased with the results. My eldest daughter was hugging onto Dad and trying not to cry. Very bendy indeed - a right little contortionist :-) The chin is indeed lovely. So exciting!

  • Amazing. .. how many weeks are? Thinking of getting one done in a few weeks x

  • Totally amazing. I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow so my due date is in exactly 3 months today (29 Sept) It's really worth getting done if you can afford it. This baby is most likely our last (but no real way to know as we were told we wouldn't be able to have another 9 years ago).

  • That's an amazing picture, wow. It's very clear too, I love the foot! X

  • It is isn't it! We were given 4 pictures, but this is my favourite with the foot! There's also one of baby in mid yawn - I think we were disturbing his/her afternoon nap...

  • Thank you. I'm happy that this made you smile :-)

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