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6 weeks check - what to expect?

Hi Ladies,

Last week, my son and I had our 6 weeks checkup, and to my astonishment, there was no physical examination of myself. The birth of my son wasn't exactly a walk in the park, we had a ventouse delivery with the inevitable episiotomy, and I'd like to know if everything is alright and back in working order down there. The GP just asked me if it felt still sore, and when I said no, that was the end of the matter. I thought there was a physical examination for the mum as well? In my home country there is, so I was quite astonished the GP didn't perform any - but I didn't really dare to ask at that moment because I found it strange to ask her if I may show her my genitals ;) But how do I know if my scar is alright and my cervix is in the right place again and ready for me to do some sports? Very confusing...

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First of all, congratulations!

It is all a big anticlimax really, that gp appointment, I think lots of ladies would say the same!

I suspect your gp showed more interest than most! They don't do any tests at 6w, they just book you in for your hospital appointments.

The midwife at around 10w will assess whether you need any specialist help so they may send you off somewhere a couple of weeks after that to see an obstetrician, that's what they did with me. I did have to press my very lovely but very junior midwife as to my risk level to make that happen, though, so it's worth making sure they hear your concerns...



Most examinations will be 'focused' - if you report feeling ok with no problems, likelihood is you will not be examined.


Hi there, I can really appreciate your concerns. I had an episiotomy with my first and I needed a lot of stitching to repair my parts, which didn't heal too smoothly so I had some scar tissue removed at a later date. I never felt fully comfortable until the scar tissue was removed at a later date, so I would reason that if your parts are comfortable, (normal sex etc) then there's not much to be concerned over. Alternatively you could use a mirror to look yourself if you feel comfortable to. As regards to exercise there are some standard tummy exercises that you may have been given and now is definitely the time to get your pelvic floor working again, but why not see if there's a post natal exercise class near to you? If you've not been given any reason to avoid exercise, then just get on and do what you feel you can, but start with slowly if you've not done much in a while and get some proper advice.

However if this is more about coming to terms with a difficult birth perhaps see if your midwife or health visitor would go through your birthing notes to debrief you about what happened and why. So much happens and as a situation birth is pretty overwhelming so its hard to take everything in at the time. I asked my midwife to go through my notes and it really helped me come to terms with my anxieties about the birth of my 1st, hours before I had my 2nd.

I hope this helps :)


It does indeed, thank you so much for your reply! :)


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