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Hip pain is driving me mad? what can I do?

I'm 19 weeks. Had hip/pelvic and lower back pain for the past two weeks I've tried a dream geni pillow which has helped me get a bit of sleep but the pain is driving me mad now. The constant pain and lack of sleep has made me into an emotional wreck. I sobbed hysterically at work on Thurs. I have a pretty stressful job in a hospital which I can normally cope with but at the moment I just feel so pathetic. I hate relying on other people especially as I have several inexperienced staff that we are training up.

To top it all off I have chronic constipation as well. I have tried every natural remedy I can think of. But nothing is working.

I have tried for over a week to get hold of my midwife and I've left numerous messages but no-one has called me back!

Does anyone have any suggestions of what else I can try as I am so exhausted now?

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Have you tried a warm bath that normally helps my aches and pains


Poor you, that sounds dreadful and your midwife is being absolutely rubbish.

Did you read this? Does this sound like it's what you have?


It says the treatment is physio, which might mean you need to go to your GP to get a referral. Unless you are lucky enough to have private health at work...

I hope you feel better (and beware hot hot baths, just go for warm, as they are bad for the baby I believe)



Thanks. That link is great, , sounds like what I have but not bad enough for crutches, I hope it doesn't get that bad. I think I'll try the physio at the hospital I work in as that'll be much easier.

Thanks x


Oh dear,

It does sound terrible & to make it worse your midwife is a bit difficult to contact. If the pain is extreme to the point of feeling as if you cannot stand or walk for a long period of time try going to a NHS urgent care / walk in surgery as they can usually give you good medical advise & perhaps be able to prescribe you something.



If it's musculoskeletal pain, to try to get through the weekend, you could try some over the counter co-codamol - 8/500. It won't help the constipation though. Anything else, I would really get yourself checked out. If you can't access your midwife, make an apt to see your GP (book to see someone with 'DRCOG' as one of their post graduation qualifications ).


Oh pain is not good it wears u down, makes u irritable and agitated. ..is it your hips or bum cheeks..I found rest and hot bean bag Helped alot ive had siatica, hip pain and pubic pain well burning! But All not too

bad now but I really think resting and knowing ur limits makes a big difference ... also with constipation I found syrup of figs really helped me... safe to take in pregnancy hope u feel better soon x


There's a couple of things you can try, but the constipation really wont be helping. If its becoming unbearable call the docs (even if the call out doc) and tell them you can't get a reply from midwife. Too much back and hip pain, especially if you can't sleep can make your mood go down and cause anxiety which is not good for the baby. Part of what was affecting me last week.

you can try warm showers and baths. If you can go for a walk, your muscles hurt more when they are allowed to stiffen. Heat can help, hot water bottles, heat pillows etc, but be careful not to hot. Harder mattress to lie on - no memory foam, not even a topper. None of them will get rid of pain, but might help ease. Hope they do and you can get to a doc soon x


Its definately hip pain, my left is the worst really and lower back pain which I have suffered with in the past. I have tried syrup of fig and every other natural remedy anyone has told me. But I finally got a call from the community midwifes ghis lunchtime, my midwife is off sick long term :-( so dhe suggested trying lactulose and she going to the physio. So I'm gonna try the one in the hospital I work in as I have a 40 mile commute to get back for appts.

Thanks everyone for you help xxx hopefully this will improve. Hot water bottle is helping ease it right now :-)


I had it a couple of weeks ago at about 28 weeks and as my job is quite demanding it really didn't help, I was limping around like I was 95 yrs old. I then took 12 days off work and relaxed quite a lot, went swimming and to tell you the truth It feels much btr, at night it still is a bit niggly but I sleep with a pillow between my legs. I was about to call my midwife if the pain didn't subside but I thought I would give myself a chance to rest up and it has helped as I have also lightened my duty at work. I know it is easier said than done but if you can get some days rest and see how u get on, xx


Yes I did have that pain when I was that stage in pregnancy, unfortunately I had a miscarriage but I was told that it is my pelvis preparing and expanding which causes by the hormone, your ligaments are getting soften up and making room to accommodate the baby, when I get out of my car it takes me a good 10 minutes to walk away because I have to be limping and trying to put the best foot forward in order to balance my body. Waking up at nights is pretty hard to do but I uses the pregnancy pillow to put between my legs and another pillow under my back for support. Being in a demanding job doesn't help one bit.

Now I am pregnant again and I am just into 2 months and I am having a slight pain in my hips already, though I am on progesterone so I will expect it to soften up my ligament early. Well as for the constipation I notice when I take the pregnacare it loosening up my bowels with no strain or pushing, so if you wants to try that you can, it works miracle for me, I go to toilet everyday without fail and it's nothing running but normal stool, so you can try it. All the best.


I wud recommend seeing a physio asap!! 're constipation.. gp can give u lactulose or ask for something stronger. Or at 20 weeks u can prob go to ur mater ity ax unit and c a doctor there and ask for advice. Good luck


You might find an osteopath can help possibly with both problems.


Hi there, regarding the pelvic pain, first rule out medical conditions, then perhaps consider yoga exercises? Check out if there are any antenatal classes near to you and chat to the teacher. Same with an osteopath, have a chat and maybe they can help you?

Regarding the constipation, please make sure you are drinking enough fluids during the day. Dehydration is not good and will exacerbate your constipation. It's not uncommon to be constipated in pregnancy due to hormones etc, though it may be contributing to your back pain which you don't need. Porridge (made from jumbo oats and water) is great to get your bowels moving which will help you get more comfortable. Also please try to keep moving if you can.

Pregnancy, dehydration, and lack of mobility are a cocktail which can lead to DVT in some people and having been through that personally with this pregnancy I wouldn't recommend it. I hope this helps.

Best wishes :)


You could try craniosacral therapy. Google that and your location to see suitable professionals in your area or check the association (http://www.craniosacral.co.uk/). In London triyoga and the Healthy Living centre offer it for pregnant women (http://www.thehealthylivingcentre.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=96&Itemid=127).

Also you may have a nerve blocked in which case an osteopath should be able to sort you out


I forgot to mention that exercise can help (even if it sounds counterintuitive to exercise your hip) and also TENS machines


I had similar problem in 1st and 2nd trimester and thankfully mostly resolved (37 weeks pregnant today) with sessions with a physio. My advice would be get referred to a physiotherapist who specialises in women's health. You may need an assessment for SPG or what is also known as pelvic girdle pain. If you have this, you will need specific exercises to help strengthen core muscles +/- support belt and advice on what activities to avoid. this information would be important if you are still working as your employer by law is obliged to carry out an assessment of your work to ensure you are safe at work while pregnant and to make reasonable adjustments if deemed necessary. You said you worked in a hospital already. Speak to the physios attached to the maternity unit or women's health unit for informal advice or alternatively if no joy from your midwife or GP, ask your manager to refer you to occupational health if the pain is affecting your ability to do your job. you may get quicker first appt with a physio via your work occ health scheme. good luck.


I had really bad hip pain from about 13 weeks - couldn't sleep, tossed and turned and even cried at night sometimes knowing that i still had a long while to go!!

My husband got me the dream geni pillow, at first it didn't seem to make a difference but after about a week or so the pain subsided. I know it sounds obvious, but i had to slow down and take it easy, rest up when you get a chance, i also did some mild yoga (from DVD), massaged the bum bone and hips with a tennis ball (as recommended by physio) and had baths occasionally. OH, and get the pregnancy ball - i never thought it will be that comfy to be sat on a ball, but it really helps relax your muscles!!!

Eventually it made things better, but i still get the pain, just not at 2am but about 6am - at least i will be used to disturbed nights when the baby comes! :-)

good luck xx


Hi, I have the dream geni pillow and it definately to helping, although I am using am extra pillow between my knees. These past few days I have totally slowed down at work as I was just crying all the time when I was home. I felt that work was getting the best of me and my poor husband was coming home to a hysterical wreck.

I've also been given a pelvic belt yesterday whilst I wait for 1:1 physio appt and that is really helping :-)

I will have to buy the ball aswell as I am willing to try anything.

How far along are you? I'm only half way

Thanks so much :-)


I'm now nearly 35 weeks, counting the days now! :-)

Hope you'll feel better soon x


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