do hospitals induce early for big babies?

Hey all. I'm 35 + 3 and at my last scan at 34 weeks they told me my little girl was already around 7 pounds. Saw the community midwife yesterday and she measured me at 39.5 weeks. I am on medication for high blood pressure as well. Due for another scan at 36 weeks (next Wednesday) and am also seeing my consultant again then. The midwife said I might be induced early as baby is so big. Does anyone know if this is an option? I was induced at 38 weeks with my 1st as I had preeclampsia and my waters broke - ended up with a emergency C-section. Any past experience, help or advice gratefully received!! Thanks girls :-)

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  • My baby is charting big also, according to my midwife they will not induce if the baby is only 'big'- but they may if you have associated health issues. I was tested for diabetes and was given all clear - so the Doctor said a normal care path with no early induction. Nice guidelines are good .

    Your case may be different having already had c-section and with ur blood pressure. Hope that is useful. :-)

  • My Consultant has given me a sweep 2 Weeks early with my last 2 due to me having a section and she was a big babyi was worried the station of havinga big baby and giving birth naturally. .. because u have h had a previous section in sure they won't let u go over considering u have had a previous section. . Make sure u voice all ur concerns to the consultant.. wrote it all down so ur prepared let us know how u get on xx

  • Sorry body predictive text! That Was supposed to say stress on my scar. .

  • thank you ladies - hopefully I will know more on Wednesday - it just seems so far away at the moment!

  • Hiya, from listening to other ladies in my Aquanatal class, they were measuring big and had induction dates already planned in. Coupled with high blood pressure it suggested to me that induction was a certainty. Good luck for Wednesday!

  • Hiya, Both my babies were big and I had complications during delivery. I have had a meeting with the consultant who said that I have got to have a scan at 36w and if the baby is measuring bigger than 7.5lbs I have got to have a C-section because my pelvis isn't wide enough to let the shoulders pass.

    I bet at your 36w scan they may discuss elective C-section with you.

  • Thanks also Envgirl & Megzey - it's good to hear other peoples experiences!

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