Hi, can someone help me? I dont know if i am pregnant or not!! My belly has swollen up, my feet have swollen, my period was due on the 9th june!! I really hope i am pregnant! I have done 2 pregnancy test and they both hve come up negative!! I feel pregnant!! I dont know if its in my head!! lol. I am not convinced by those test!! Please can someone tell me when the test will show up positive!! Please help me!! I want to pull my hair out!! :( xxx

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  • What Tests did u do.. clear blue is very good. . When was the last time u tested? I would do one more then see ur g.p if it's still negative and no period... they can do a blood test to check the hormones in ur blood x

  • I agree clear blue is good, more accurate and sensitive for early detection than the gp's tests!

    It can be your mind playing tricks on your body, but equally some people take a bit longer for hormones to kick in.

    Get yourself down to boots, and good luck! Xxx

  • Hi, Thanks fro your reply's. I did a early pregnancy test!! (Cheap ones). Im going to go nd get a clear blue one! Thanks xxxx

  • I did the cheap supermarket brand test and it said negative when I was pregnant. I agree with the others get a clear blue one and do it forst thing in the morning as your hormone levels will be stronger to detect. Good luck. If it says negative then I would refer your self to the GP is still no period.

  • Thank you everyone that has wrote back to me! I think i am going to get a clear blue test! The weird thing is i feel pregnant!! I will get that clear blue test and if that says negative i will go to my GP! Thanks everyone you have helped me alot!!xxxx

  • Were you pregnant?

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