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High blood pressure & protein in urine?

Hi, im 25 weeks, just back from the docs, she's told me I'll be off work for at least a week. I've been feeling awful, run down, exhausted, breathless so she's doing bloods to check if I'm low in iron etc but she also said I have high blood pressure & protein in my urine so she's worried about preeclampsia so she wants to see me next week again. I'm obviously worried cos I am still very early. Has anyone else had this? Any ideas what I could do to help?

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Take it easy and see what your blood results say. Take the time off work to chill out and make sure that is what you do and not housework while at home. The last thing you want at 25 weeks is be admitted into hospital for monitoring as you may be in there till the baby is born if you are not careful.


Quickesdage as between tibe stations! GP?

Go to maternity assessment. X


Above should have read 'quick message as between tube stations'!

Get checked out properly, your obstetrician may want to do a uterine artery doppler, which are usually done at 25 weeks, if needed xx


Ok thanks I'll ask about that. Just taking it very easy at the min & keeping everything crossed its nothing to worry about. Thanks ladies x


Dr Fluffy as ever is right, next week sounds a long tw before next chexk with those symtoms unless you start feeling loads better- although I guess they will contact you with blood results.


Hi - I have a high risk of pre-eclampsia due to a severe family history and previous history of it. If it helps for you to compare at all - this is what my consultant does with me....From what I have been told, symptoms can start any time from about 4 to 5 months, though the underlying condition / cause is there right from the beginning of the pregnancy. I have been prescribed slow release low dose asprin since I was 18 weeks (should have been 12 really, but I was out of the country). I also have urine protein level and blood pressure checked every 2 weeks, and have had a growth scan at 30 weeks, 32 weeks and one planned for 34 weeks. Apparently not enough growth can be one of the effects of pre-eclampsia, and that would guide the doctors in giving me drugs to bring on the baby's lungs, and allow them to plan a c section so he can continue with faster growth in the outside world..

Make sure you are familiar with the symptoms of it, and if you get severe head aches, visual disturbances - seeing lights, or a chest pain that's not heartburn then go straight to the maternity unit / hospital.

Having said all of that, I would say they are so much better at managing pre-eclampsia than they used to be, the drugs for controlling blood pressure, and if it comes to it, helping baby's lungs get a growth burst while still inside are so much better than when my family have been affected with it previously. And if they have identified this quite early, that is good news for them monitoring you closely throughout the rest of your pregnancy.

Do you best to relax, I know it's a bit worrying, but stressing will only put your blood pressure up! Now they are on the look out for it, they will take good care of you.


Hello, your experience sounds very similar to mine and I was admitted at 28 weeks because of my high blood pressure. I was put on medication (labetalol) and this has been really successful in controlling my blood pressure. I was put on iron tablets as I was having all the tired, run down, worn out thing. I was also signed off work indefinitely so I could rest :-)

Try not to worry, make sure you do rest and honestly, if it comes to medication to lower your bp - it is fine. There's a lot they can do and trust me, they will monitor you so closely here on in - at one point as I was in hospital being checked every 3 days! I am 36 weeks now and ready to pop! You will be fine but REST :-)


I feel much better hearing all that, thank you so much ladies, worrying is exactly what I needed to avoid and you have helped put my mind at rest x


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