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am i pregnant? help please

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hi guys,

im 8 days late for my period and i have them on time give or take 1 day, ive taken a few pregnancy tests and all come back negative and one looked like it had a faint line but didnt wanna leave it as i was.

this is my first time getting pregnant can anyone help?

i been very tired lately and hungry alot i dont get headaches but week ago i got it very bad! dont know if any of that helps.


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It's still prob too early for a pregnancy test to be accurate yet, early pregnancy you would be tired but your appetite wouldn't normal increase that early. There's nothing you can do but wait & see I'm afraid, if ur period still hasn't arrived in afew days try again or go to your doc & ask for a blood test but they don't normally do without reason. Hope u get the answer you want. Good luck

thanks, my friend said they don't do blood tests anymore which i thought they did? also is discharge a symptom? just gotta wait now just wanna find out asap lool thanks

Yes increase in discharge is a symptom but unfortunately most early symptoms are very similar to getting your period. I know I was convinced my period was arriving & was getting the pains etc. I know it's prob all you can think about but try & hold off testing again for afew more days. Good luck :-)

yeah thats what im trying to do but partner just wants to know results weve been trying for ages and this is the closest weve come to it. thanks for help :)

Yes they do do blood tests. I had a negative pregnancy test and then went to the docs as I hadn';t had a period for 14 weeks and they did a blood test which showed I was pregnant. Wait a few more days to see if you come on, if you don't then retest with a home test. If it say's positive then you are pregnant but if it says negative then give your GP a call and ask for an appointment for them to take a blood test to check your hcg levels. Good luck.

thanks for your help, shall i take another test in 5 days?? and if i havent still come on go to doctors and have a blood test??

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Megzey in reply to abifranks

They said that your hormones are increasing everyday so if you wait a few more days then retest again. If it is negative and you still have no period then ring your doc. If you have got a doc in your surgery that specialises in ladies health then go to them. Thankfully I have in the surgery I go to and she is the 1 that gave me after seeing 4 normal docs before her.

14 days is normally how long you would wait but depending on the home test it may be able to detect lower amounts of hCG, it needs to be at least 5mls I think to be detected. If still negative then ask ur doc about a blood test. Good luck

i did my test at 5days past due on my period with a clearblue test and got a positive result with 2-3week conception indicator. Maybe it be worth spending a little bit more for a more accurate test that tells u yes or no rather than trying to analyse a line? Hope u get the answer u seek, always remember to test first wee of the day as this has strongest concentration of HCG. Good luck xx

thanks for all the comments, might have to try get that test, how much was that one u used?? i might get it and do test in few more days just incase i do come on, what do u think the chances of me being pregnant is? me and my partner have been trying for ages and this is the closest weve got cheers xx

I have been trying for a baby for yhe past 6 months but not been succeeded.this month i am 4 days over my period date but i have got bad back pains am i pregnant or am i going have late period? X

ive been gettin back back pains aswell but didnt think i could get them this early, day 9 of late period due now, fingers crossed i am me and partner have been trying for age and this is closest weve got, have you done any tests? good luck xx

Hi, can anyone help me? My period was due on the 9th of this month but it hasn't come and we are now on the 28th of june!!!! me and my partner are really hoping that i am pregnant!! I have been having really bad back aches, constipated, eating more than usual and my feet have swollen up!! I use to have all these symptoms before my period was due but there is no sign of it!!! Done two pregnancy test and both said negative. Please help!! I know something is not right!! I keep craving for weird things!!! xxxxxx

Hi I would try clear blue and if that says neg and still no period ask gp for a blood test :-) good luck to you all xx

I'm 28 weeks pregnant. I didn't get a positive pregnancy test until I was a couple of weeks past my period due date and even then it was only a feint line at first. So you could be pregnant. Unfortunately only time will tell, keep testing. Good luck :-)

Thank you for your reply's! Fingers Crossed I am!! xx

Its best to do a clear blue test cause it is very accurate n its better than the one Gp's use

Its best to do a clear blue test cause it is very accurate n its better than the one Gp's use

What is a blue test?

Clear blue digital test, you get it from your local chemist it tells you, Pregnant and not pregnant instead of the lines n its very accurate

Oh..thanks for the ans !

Hello I’m new on here. I am 33 and have a 14yr old I didn’t no I was pregnant until 4 days before I had her. Any way me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant for what feels like forever. I had period 1 Nov and had a bit of spotting in Dec but nothing where needed a pad on. I have done 3 tests and 2 were 100% negative but 1 not so sure as I’m not sure if there was a really faint line. I have been feeling sick and headaches and I have lost appitite when I have a drink or eat anything I have no taste, my boobs look and feel bigger bras don’t fit, nipples are darker, belly feels bigger and bloated, and for couple of days now I have been getting weird achey stretching sensation in my lower tummy. Anyone have any advise. I am going to try and get into my drs in the morning

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