SPD and csection

An update and question really..

After still seriously struggling with my spd and maximum pain relief with limited relief can now just about crawl to toilet it has been decided a natural birth isn't safe and a csection will be done at 37 weeks. (Next Thursday) which is a big relief!

Was wondering.. does anyone have any previous csection experience and / or experience recovering from s.p.d? And can let me know how it was? How long will I be kept in hospital how soon can I get out of bed etc?

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My sister in law was on her third baby and got severe s.p.d on crutches. She was induced and managed a natural birth. After two weeks she was back to normal she couldn't believe how it just disappeared.:-) best of luck not long to wait now chick. X

Thanks. They think as it is first there is alot more risk of failed induction and my abdomen and pelvis is so inflammed they say that they don't think it's worth trying and failing induction. Thanks for your post ;-)

I had really bad spd with my twins and I had a planned c section mine was ok had to have a blood transfusion but tht was because I had a mutible my spd went more aless straight away so tht was good and I was in hospital two days x

Thanks stace87! What was it like once you got home.. obviously with twins it's gonna be more difficult... did u need alot of help initially?

Sorry for the late reply, I was very sore for a few days till my staples got removed, but I was soon bk on my feet as I have other children to look after but u will be fine bbe, do u no what ur having x

Haven't a clue! After a dreadful pregnancy it'll be a nice surprise

Awwww bless you, xxx

I have been in hospital 3 times.. to the hospital in the last month at least once a week off work since week 24 with my spd and that's after having 6 weeks off work with hyperemesis in 1st trimester.. has not been an easy time!!

Hopefully it will go after birth but my friend said she still has twinges I've had it mildly but dissapears after birth but nothing to the extent of what pain u have had! Feel for u!...I had a section but it was 15 years ago now....and they kept u in for at least 3 days, they are too quick to rush you out the door now with painkillers where personally I think u need the rest and recuperation, in hospital it's all there for you....but at home u can't help but do things..you just have a big op and then look after a new baby so if you don't feel up to it don't let them rush u out the door, I always stay in at least for 24 hours as I shake for 24 hours and don't feel steady on my feet..and my house is a mad house so need that time to myself to bond with the baby x

I have been in antenatel for a few days and was looked after so well and they didnt rush me out at all so im hoping the postnatel is the same - i have heard from others who have had baby there that the postnatel care is also fantastic and they dont rush you out. I think im more worried as at the moment i can hardly move - i can just about drag myself from bed to loo so no way I can look after a little one so unless im a bit more mobile itll be very difficult!!

The end is in sight! I'm hoping the pain is going to miraculously disappear - after bragging about having had a not bad weekend, I'm in excruciating pain today :( Like you I thought I was going to have to crawl at one point. Fingers crossed all goes well for you next week and you're back to normal quickly. Can't get any worse surely?

I had a natural birth but my spd wasn't as bad as you describe. I imagine it would not take as long for the spd pain to subside after a c- sec though, but then the c-sec can take 4-6 wks recovery. But everyone is different. Just make sure you have plenty of support on hand for those first few weeks. :)

I’ve been admitted to hospital today 12/12018 for pelvic girdle pain, im 37 weeks and they are saying I’m too early to have a c section but I can’t walk at all

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