Galloping horse or steam train

I have been told I'm having a boy butdr listened to heart beat today and it sounded like a galloping horse. ... people say that's a girl...I've bought a couple

of bits for the baby and now thinking should I take

them back.. my daughters friends mum at school was told she was having a girl and it turned out to be a boy! . ..does anyone know what they are having and what it sounded like

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Were u told by a health professional tht it was a boy or just people guessing. The person who does the scan will tell u its not 100% accurate but if ur tht unsure then maybe just buy neutral stuff. We r hwvin a boy, he was laying with his legs wide open and she pointed out his bits.

When I had my 20 week scan she said it was a boy...I feel like I need another scan just to double check! Thinking about getting the 4d scan anyway so maybe they can put my mind at rest!

Hiya, I don't know the sex, but was told by a friend that they were told they were having a boy, they picked the name, decorated the nursery with the name and a boys theme and then the boy was a girl! They were very surprised, obviously thrilled the baby was ok but understandably upset and grieved a little for the 'son' they had lost and took a while to adjust. However this is the first story of this kind I had heard so if you can afford to check with another scan, then why not. If the medical professionals have told you then you can usually ceribean says go with this, but they are not 100% accurate. Good luck! X

Not heard that one before :-) Every 'old wives' method of sex determination say Flump is team blue, but sticking with team yellow in my planning!

I heard this one, before I found out what I was having. The heart beat sounded like a steam train, completely diff to dd1 who's was like a galloping horse. At 20week scan, they said they think we are expecting another girl so that blows that theory out the window. According to my midwife friend, it all depends on the time of day, pregnancy and your stress factors etc so don't be too concerned they've got it wrong!

Hi, I had 6 scans and they told me it was a boy every time - and he turned out to be a she..... I'd definitely go neutral!!!!!

No way! Lol am def starting to wonder now! X

Mmmm, I was quite confident as so many times and bought blue stuff and chose names. Lots of people had bought blue stuff too and had to take it back lol!! x

So many different stories. It's difficult but if you really want a good view 4d the way to go otherwise Hun I'd stick neutral to be safe. You can have fun shopping afterwards :-) x

Dont panic yourself to much over it.

It is funny you have put this up actually cause everynight before I got to bed I get my doppler out and I always say do you think it sounds like a galloping horse or a chugging train ha ha. My husband always says chugging train but I think he is wrong (or maybe I am just trying to convience myself).

They say if the Heartbeat is over 160 it is a girl but there is a lady on here whos babies heart beat was measured at 146 & she is having a girl. I think it is just an old wives tale and you shouldn't get worked up about it.

Have the 4D scan anyway and then they might just double check for you.

my 20week scan said - its a girl, the old-wife tales would say its a boy.

My 35 week 3D scan said its a girl !! so I am buying all pinks and if it comes out to be a boy finally I would tell him later that mumma was expecting a baby girl, but decided to get a baby boy instead as he was so much more cute :P

I'm lying here listening to Galloping Horses in the CTG... Foetal heart rate 120-140...

Still very much Team Yellow!!! :-p

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