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Read an article today in my magazine saying that we as a nation are having bigger babies! I'm hoping this one isn't too big! actually made me worry about it for the first time today, I've only had one big baby at 9lb10 and that was a section thank goodness as they said I wouldn't of been able to give birth as her head was so big....but the last one was 7lb12 and a week early and I've been eating lots more this time think ill be mentioning it to the consultant when I see her next.!


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  • Eeek... 9lbs! luckily it was a section!

    I was told when i had my scan in italy that i had a big baby, so i was really worried, but today they told me it was normal size... Phew!!!

  • Eeek indeed - terrifying! I am also pretty nervous about this as I've been given a stern warning by various medical types on this. Apparently we're all eating too much, and especially too much sugar, and it's making us have massive babies.

    I'm a huge sugar junkie at the best of times, and being pregnant has given me a penchant for cake baking rather than an urge for vegetables. Combined with the fact my other half has a worryingly large head, I'm already getting nervous at 18 weeks!

    Good luck babymother, hopefully you've had a more responsible approach to your pregnancy nourishment than I've managed so far!


  • Oh Lou that has just made me laugh so much! Funnily enough, my partner also has a very big head... :)

  • Errrrrr nope! Cake Fiend all the way had a cream slice and a vanilla pastry. ... was going to have tea and biscuits this evening but decided against it. .. just had water instead! :)

  • Babymother you are an example to us all! I've just had my second breakfast... xx

  • Yes i agree, its rather worrying to think about we "as a nation" having big babies. My son was 7Lb 9Oz when born. "vaginally" . To be honest he was just about heavy enough as i needed an episitomy & the help of forceps to get him out.

    As this baby is a girl im hoping she will be more grace-ful and maybe just a Lil lighter as having a C-section is a last resort for me.


  • I Put on the same amount of With both my girls the first was 7lb8 the second 9lb10 I put a stone and half less with my boys and they weighed 6lb12 and 7lb12.... is hard to explain the different weights !

  • And my first was4 days early second a week early third 9 days early and last one a week early! ...... I'm really wondering how much this little one weighs. .. have to wait and see I suppose x

  • hi, ive got a girl & a boy

    and both were exact same weight 10lb 4&half ,I had normal delieverys and my two gorgeous babies were perfect, my daughter was 56cm & my son was 58cm,

    they were quite long, I was a healthy size 10-12 so I was over weight or that,

    to be honest the bigger the babies the healthier they are :) ( the midwifes said)

    I must admit that while pregnant I did like my sweets especially double sherbet lollies+ sherbet dips,

    im about 30 weeks pregnant the now so im wondering if baby number 3 will be same weight, that would be very strange if he is.

  • thats my worry having a big baby. but i doubt i will. im smaller than some of the girls i know who are 2 months behind me!!

    i dont eat majorly due to sickness. and my fundul height measures 3 weeks smaller than what it should be. maybe thats a good indication.

    im not scared one bit about labour. but scared about how big the baby will be coming out of such a small hole :p x

  • Oh wow that looks like the competition to see who delivered the biggest baby, that doesn't mean a thing later, they grow the same, and mine was big but you can still deliver a big baby vaginally, the lady close to me had a 10lb baby and it was a normal delivery, our body is ready. And they used forceps on me but not because of the baby's weight or whatsoever

  • Wow can't say I've read anything like this before... I think with gestational diabetes on the rise its quite possible to have bigger babies and we should be conscious of it. However I don't see it's the same as my NANs generation, god knows what they were eating but my nan was born 14lbs exact.!!! So e offer 9 other siblings were born a similar weight too. Ouch makes my bits do a funny jiggle lol can't imagine anything more painful, hats off to my great nana. :-) I've had small babies and was told this one could potentially be a 8lber to me that's a lovely healthy weight.

  • Wow that is one big bubba... its interesting to hear peoples stories..I find it fascinating Thanks for sharing x

  • good comment trish198 :)

    everythings true what you say, dosnt mean a thing,they all grow the same, and my friend had a 5lb baby +had to get forceps, its not down to the babies weight if you can have a normal delievery or not.

    every woman is diffrent, someone who has a 4lb baby & someone who has a 11lb can have the same pain, dosnt mean the bigger the baby the sorer it will be.

  • I had forceps with smallest baby.. but think that was because they had to get him out quick...But Isn't there a higher risk of shoulder dytocia if baby is bigger? A paramedic told me that every5 years your body all goes back to normal so it's like giving birth for the first time again don't know how accurate that is.... maybe another question for my consultant. .I find the whole process of pregnancy and labour and birth so fascinating and amazing.. and I'm intrigued by it all... how some women have amazing quick labours. . Why Some women have their babies early... like weeks early my friend always had all of hers at least 6 weeks early and she had 5.and They have all been fine Her twins were 10 weeks early! ..I love listening to pregnancy stories and labour stories how each and everyones experiences are different... all the best with all ur pregnancies ladies xx

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