17 Weeks + and still not had Blood test Results back!!!

Hi All, I'm Pregnant with my first child and enjoying every minute of it. Was just wondering how long everyone else had to wait to receive there blood test results back. I had mine done @ 14 weeks along with my first scan and still not received them in the post. Should i be contacting them find out why it's taking so long or just wait?

Thanks for any feedback.

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No news is good news hun so think its a good sign. i had the same - didnt hear anything and as I am 39 was getting anxious about the downs test. But when I chased them up this week at my 20 week scan they told me I would have heard by telephone if there was a problem and then when I went to the antenatal dept at my hospital I got a confirmation that it was all fine :-) I am expecting a healthy baby girl :-)

Good luck and dont stress xxxx

thank you for responding that's put my mind at ease for now :-), i have my 20 week scan in 3 weeks and can't wait :-D.

I got my result through within 2 weeks of them being taken. Just ask your midwife to chase them at your next appointment.

My midwife said if they were ok that wouldn't contact me...but I'd always double check, I've not long found out that I should of had another midwife app my last one was 16 weeks and not been seen since, got an app at 28 weeks which is another 5 weeks away!

They didnt contact me, ur midwife shud tell u if they r ok.

They didnt contact me, ur midwife shud tell u if they r ok.

On many occassions you might need to contact the surgery yourself to know the results. Unless they need to refer you / or repeat the procedure they might then contact you to arrange another appointment.


Are these your combined test results? If so, call your mat unit/screening office. A the relevant number should be on the screening info leaflet on your mat notes x

I never received mine in the post but they did call me, just to tell me that there was low risk for Downs etc, around 1-2 weeks after the scan. I'd just give them a call!

I was given the first set of blood test results when I next visited the midwife. If they are screening tests I got these in the post. If you are worried as DrFluffy says give them a call to chase, but generally no news is good news. :-)

I got my downs results in the post. Your midwife should give you the rest. But I'm almost 33 weeks and had to get my booking bloods from 13 weeks redone twice as they didn't receive the results back for no particular reason!! I'm now awaiting the results still...only 20 weeks late lol. So just bring it up to your midwife whenever you next see them and check they have them, etc. But I'm sure all will be fine. Good luck :D

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