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Pelvic Pain - First Trimester

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Hi Girls,

I am now 6 weeks and been feeling great! Apart from my sore boobs! Today i had a small pelvic pain that lasted about 3 mins, i was so scared so i started doing breathing exercises to calm myself down! It really helped but i felt so emotional afterwards and all i wanted to do was to cry! ( Am at work so it was awful! ) Is this normal? To have mild pelvic pains that comes and goes through the first trimester?

I had a miscarraige last year at 9weeks - Which obviously doesnt help to make me feel calmer ;-)

Please help me! I want to stop crying! ;-(

Thanks girls!

Sandie xx

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You need to relax and stay positive, I understand your concerns having experienced 2 losses myself, it seems no 2 pregnancies are the same and everyone has their own experiences. Your body is full of hormones doing all sorts of things including relaxing ligaments in the pelvic area and this cocktail of hormones will make you emotional, irrational, angry, anxious and so on. How would you describe the pain? Shooting? Cramping?

Are you taking your pre-natal vitamins? Eating well? Getting enough rest? Have you contacted your doctors to register the pregnancy and get your booking appt with the midwife? XX

Hi, The pain was more like a " shooting pain " it lasted for about 3 minutes and stopped! then i started feeling very emotional and couldnt stop crying!

I am a little bit better now....

I have been taking all my vitamins for a year now... i am eating well and resting. I have seen my GP but will see them again on the 3rd july for another scan and my midwife appointment on the 17th. I am trying my very best to stay positive and relaxed! But when i get pains like that... I feel so scare! ;-(

Thank you for replying xx

I do recall a shooting pain on either side of my groin and think might have been associated with these stretching ligaments, womb needs to prepare to lift out of the pelvis Xx

Have just spoken to the midwife at the hospital and confirmed that i shouldnt worry as is normal! ;-) I feel tons better now!

Thank you so much for making me feel better too, i have stopped crying now! ;-) xxx

no worries, I am glad to hear it :) Enjoy the rest of your day XX

Oh Hun sorry to hear about your previous loss. But congratulations on your pregnancy now. :-) boobs wow I remember those heavy weights about 8 weeks that kicked in for me. Try get a sports bra way more comfy than underwired. .. With regards to pains your obviously more concerned than someone who has not had a miscarriage so just take time to relax and chill, they are probably to do with muscle relax or streching I had them too around the 7.5 week mark but it just gave up the gym and started taking it easy. I look forward to hearing when you have had a scan.

Best of luck Hun xxx

Thank you so much! It was awful this morning but am better now... :-)

I will let you know as soon as i have my scan! xxx

sandie don't worry you will fine. I had miscarriage and after ttwo weeks I am pregnant again thank God. today I started having a bit of pinny pain but just held there and prayed and I am fine again. I am seven weeks today,so dont worry our God is able.

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