Good news BurgerKing UK lovers *^_^*

Good news BurgerKing UK lovers *^_^*

I have worried about eating mayonnaise since I discovered I was pregnant but have craved eating my favourite burgers from Burger King. I got in touch with them regarding their mayonnaise (as I struggled to find a reliable answer) and they have said that their mayo is made with pasteurised eggs. I'm not going to go mad on them but its good to know :-)


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  • Lol :-) thats made me smile xx enjoy your burgers xx

  • haha! thats awesome! well done in finding out and im sure this is great news for many a burger king lover who is preggy. :) xx

  • Well done for finding out and good on burger king for responding! As a rule of thumb if you are ever out and about, pretty much every restaurant will use pasteurized eggs! It's very rare that fresh eggs are used for cooking outside of home now. Even fancy boutique restaurants often use pasteurized eggs for most things from mayo to cake! I learned this in catering college and then working working in a hotel for 8 years! Was always good to know, even when not pregnant, chances of food poisoning are very low when eating out! The main risks unfortunately are poor hygiene and cross contamination! X

  • Am I being really stupid for asking this but what would make an unpasteurised egg??? You can get unpasturised milk/cream but I have never heard of an unpasturised egg.

    I just thought that they made you aware of not eating mayonnaise that has been hanging about at room tempreture on a buffet table that would be doubling with bacteria that could be hameful to you.

    It is nice to know that burger king responded to you though as not many big companys would bother.

  • It's cos of the sterilising process they use to effectively 'seal' the product pre-retail... If eating in a more bo-ho establishment, it's worth checking that their mayo is not handmade (thus unlikely to have been pasteurised!

    You can buy unpasteurised milk and cream btw...

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