19 weeks and my innie is almost an outie!

My belly button is quite deep but all of a sudden today, I've noticed how much it's been pushed out. Have been quite bloated today though and I actually look pregnant for once :)

I've been to the loo (number 1) at least once an hour today and it's only a little dribble each time. It's really annoying! The baby must be pushing on my bladder the little minx.

Still waiting to feel the little one kick - either lazy like mummy or stubborn like daddy lol

Looking forward to my scan next Monday; just wish my husband could be here for it too.

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Ah yes, I know the feeling. The toilets are now my best friends as wherever I feel the need to go & empty my bladder. (More annoying during the night (but hey what can we do hey!!)

Depending on your gestation of pregnancy you may not actually feel a good kick for a few more weeks yet but I'm now just passed 20wks & I definitely feel the baby stretching or doing something like some leg / feet exercise movements.

All the best for your scan appointment next week


You sound so much like me! My usually deep belly button is nearly out at 27 weeks. Also, haven't had a satisfactory wee for months, go so often and only ever manage a small trickle. I feel kicks now and then throughout the day but didn't feel them until quite recently. My placenta is anterior and also looks like in carrying quite low. Didn't find out if pink or blue at the scan and now trying to figure out whether these symptoms mean boy or girl according to old wives tales!?! Keep well and good look with the scan coming up x


Ooooooo, how exciting! My bump is still fluctuating quite a lot. I'm 20+1wks.

Yesterday I looked quite big as baby was laying at the front and I felt lots of movements.

Today the baby is hiding at the back of my womb so my bump has almost disappeared!! Strange! I've had a few big kicks just to remind me that they are there though ;)

Good luck with your scan, it's amazing!!



I'm 27 weeks and usually have a tiny insy, but I was surprised to find it popping out from about 22 weeks because I thought that only happens once you get massive! It's more prominent after a big meal or after certain bloating foods..! My bump size changes quite a lot day-to-day as well. Sometimes I look massive & everyone remarks on how big I've got & other days people tell me how small I am for 6 months... Just when you think you've got used to the change in body shape it changes again :o))


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