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Is it normal to have periods of feeling low during the Second Trimester?

I thought my emotions had evened out a little once making it through the first trimester but now at 19 weeks I have days when I feel really irritated with being pregnant. I'm having a little girl and I couldnt be happier, I am so excited to meet her and I am already so in love with her. I feel her bouncing around in there and my partner and I enjoy chatting with her and playing her music. My partner is convinced she must enjoy his choice of music. But some days I really don't like being pregnant. It's like being in limbo, you give up all the things you love to do but you're just waiting now to reap the rewards. I feel guilty because every day that my pregnancy progresses is a blessing and one step closer to meeting my baby but I really miss being invited to boozy lunches with the girls and crawling through the door at 1am after a night out on the tiles with my partner. My partner's life hasn't changed all that much yet and so I feel a bit jealous...

Is this normal? If so, any tips on how I can have a little fun?

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I think thats all pretty normal, well at least it is for me. Some days I'm just in awe and some days I think its taken over my life. I can't wait to have my baby but your right sometimes it feels like I'm in limbo and I started to resent that my partner can still do all that stuff, I knwo I can go out and just not drink but there is only so much of drunken people you can take and I have been feeling pretty crappy with sickness & tiredness most of the time. I do find I have to hold back abot cos afew times have caused rows over something small and afew times and nearly said something that I know am blowing out of hand.

Say to your partner you feel like your life is on hold, I let my partner know, ok I maybe should have went about it better but he got the message. Last weekend we went for a meal in a posh restaurant and then a midnight movie afterwards and then last night we called into a pub literally for two drinks that we knew had live music playing, was just to get out for awhile and then as I was tired we went home so it felt like I was still doing something. Maybe plan a weekend away for the two of you and plan girlie shopping trips instead of boozy lunches. I'm sure people will realise that you still want to be involved just at the min you cant do the things you would normally do with them. You'd be amazed how it will lift your spirits.


Hi hun. Sounds like typical pregnancy emotions! Do you think its only just hit you that your going to be having a baby? Lol men do get the better deak with it, their lives don't change as dramatically as ours, mine seems very.old fashioned in that he goes out to work and thats all he has to do! He has never done a night feed and my youngest is almost 6 weeks and husband only done his nappy twice! Have you any names for your little princess xx


All I can say is change the drink for food I arrange for lunches with the girls no alcohol, granted dont go out as much in the evening/weekends but when I do I will have a splash of white wine spritzer with lots of ice actually it's lovely and just have to try and amend things so they work for you a lot of my friends who had children in their 30's said it was hard adjusting I went out last week and so wanted to carrying on drinking but knew I couldn't so stuck to good old fashioned tap water! :) but I had a great time was in at 2am granted it was a bit late I was knackered the next day! Arrange a night out with friends for a meal hopefully that will make u feel a bit better xx


Hiya, dont you think that you seem to be invited to alot more get to gethers now you are pregnant and cant drink. Me & my husband love a drink and party's go hand in hand with drinking. When I was pregnant with my 2 children we got invited to loads of friends weddings, it was a nightmare. I hated being pregnant previously and really took it for granted. I had a mc in Dec so has really made me appreciate being pregnant this time and reading some of the terrible stories on here that poor ladies have been through with still borns has made me realise how precious being pregnant is and not taking it for granted.

I dont care about not drinking now although as soon as the baby is born I know I will start again as that is the kind of circle of friends that I am in. It is just craving something that you can't have thats all but it is only for 9 months and as soon as your baby is born you will miss being pregnant so enjoy this precious time of your life.

When the baby is born get your OH to look after her and you go out make him jelous.:-)


i know the feeling. im a single mum to be at 30 weeks now. i am wishing the time away for baby to be here as im hating the pregnancy feeling. :( some days i love it and can enjoy it. but sickness has been my burden throughout the whole thing. its worse again now.

i see my friends still going out and having good nights out and i miss it. (i was a proper party goer). i get to go for meals now if i can survive eating it!! thats the highlight of my life at the moment.

I know when bubz arrives it will be different. its just jealousy taking over at the moment. so i cannot wait for him to be in my arms and i can see that what ive been through was worth it (some things anyway :p ) x


also, 2nd of august my work have arranged a night out for. down a really posh bay. nightlifes not so bad down there either! YES i will be attending, dressed to impress (as much as i can), regardless if my baby will be due within 4 weeks. lol. i may not be able to drink but i still know how to have a good time. i havent given up the dance floor just yet ;) xx


Good for you! You must go! Hope you have a wonderful time and keep your chin up, not long now before you will be holding that beautiful baby. I just can't wait to meet my little girl and I know that having a baby will open up a new social life even if I cannot keep the one I have :-) xx


Thank you all - it's nice to know that I'm normal and not a horrible human being for sometimes resenting this wonderful time - I know I am blessed but it's just tough sometimes and I dont think that anything prepares you for it. I have decided to be open and honest with my friends (without sounding like a princess) and explain that I feel a little left out and that they musn't be scared to invite me to things because of my 'condition' - afterall, I should be the judge of what's right for me to partake in etc. I'm going to get my hair cut tonight and do some shopping for new clothes to take on my cruise in a couple of weeks - hopefully I will feel a little better then :-) xxx


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