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Naughty Noodle!

What an amazing day!

Just been for my 20week scan and was beautiful. Everything measured ok and heard a lovely heart beat.

The baby was naughty though and we couldn't get some measurements. We were sent away for a drink and a walk, told to come back in 30 mins.

The baby was still showing us bottom not face!!

Got to go back in 2 weeks to finish the scan. I'm actually quite pleased! Another chance to see baby and get some more pics :)

Hope everyone is having a good a day as me!


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Orh congratulations :-) my second scan was the same loved going back for a second look. I'm guessing your not finding out the sex? X


Thanks hun! Yep, that's how I feel, another chance to havea look and get pics :)

we are team yellow, so no peeking 'down below'!

Hope you are getting on ok xXx


so am i team yellow and white :-) having a sweep tomorrow so fingers x'd it does something and im favorable for labour. x


Ah lovely moments eh xx


Aah that's good. I also had my 20wk scan last week & if im honest i was hoping the baby would be in a bit of a awkward position just so id get the chance to see her again. LOL!

Oh well, just another 4 & a half months to go hey!!

Such a lovely moment though isnt it xx


Wow, lucky you to have two views. I had the embarrassment of having to run on the spot and perform star jumps to get the baby to turn, which worked I must say and gave my husband the sonographer and trainee radiographer a huge laugh! I couldn't get over the detail you can see and foolishly expected it to be similar to the 12 week scan so was in total awe with the face, feet and and hands. Seems such a long time ago now. Really pleased all is ok, I found the 20 week scan a little nerve racking as I really wanted everything to be ok. Such a relief that all the indications were good. X


congratulations ladies,can't wait to for my 20 weeks preg,as I am still 7weeks. winks!! :-)


Mine hid under my belly button so we could see everything except his brain. We got one shot 40 minutes later and he's all perfect!


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