making babies in a foreign country

Its been 36 weeks now, and I am officially into my 9th month.

Last year this day was a surprise hen party arranged by my sweet boy friends (sadly had no girl friends till than in Edinburgh). none warned me about the wedding and its consequences - the natural feeling of making babies :)

And none of us ever thought that the endless nights of partying at George street and countless glasses of whisky would not be there for this long.

All of us knew that my lover is an awesome guy - probably the only one who can tolerate me for a life-time, and I would look exactly like the princess from a fairy-tale when I would marry my 'perfect' guy whom I met in a train 7 years ago. Today last year was the beginning of a celebration for life time.

And now when I look back - My first day of realization that I am pregnant was followed by the day of rejection at my university. I was fighting not only my hormones, but genuine fear of future. at one side it seemed that my life is over because I am bound to a baby, and on other side it seemed that its over because my research plan just got rejected. And it was hard to decide which was worst.

My husband was the constant support and punching bag. I decided to fight, my department for my beloved research and myself for the baby.

January came with good news from everywhere - I got a new set of supervisors (luckily the ones who have been awarded best supervisors thrice in row)) and the baby waved her tiny hand to us and said "Hello".

the second trimester started easy, I was busy - growing both a baby and ideas inside me.

By February - my boy friends found girl-friends for me - and I resisted at first (never been handy around girls). my usual hormonal surge was coupled with lots of insecurity and thoughts of being neglected - Why do i need girl-friends for God Sake? the only girlfriend I ever imagined in my life was someone who is exactly like me (so obviously has to be my own daughter or my mother)

In April I got more surprises - I am making my own girl-friend (I have a daughter)

A sweet surprise - a nice sunny babymoon just before i officially enter my third month of pregnancy.

Yet another surprise, my first ever boyfriend in Edinburgh hooking up with my newly imposed ( :) ) girl-friend.

The minor ones were - mid-wives forcing me for some jab-top-ups (including whooping coughs) despite of me telling them candid that I had my jab top-up in 2010 and I am good for 10 years atleast.

More minor surprise - everyone suddenly telling me everything, just because I am showing a baby bump - I was at times shocked and at times amused.

And yet another minor surprise - I was confused - for the first time in my life - confused about what happens when babies happen. And confused about the NHS system of UK.

And yet another one - I am totally useless at anything motherly - I had no feelings for the baby (whatever were their disappeared as quick as they appeared), I cant stitch or crochet, I cant make crafts or toys for the baby, I dont even know what size a baby comes in. And I have never actually seen a one day old baby in my entire life.

Thankfully there were no much surprises at the Professional side (except if getting along well with your supervisors count as a surprise - I would say it was surprising, how easily these two understood my research plan and incentives and need etc)

April ended with me loving my husband even more and our relationship growing much stronger :)

Accepting the imposed girl-friend as a real sweet girl-friend.

Rejecting the jab-top-ups after consultation with the GP

sorting out the irregularity in my mid-wife appointment and the misery of seeing several different midwives by talking to mid-wife supervisors. (although it would be wrong to say that I am fully happy with the NHS system).

Accepting the advise of other mums and mum's to be (which came after first accepting the fact that I do not know everything - especially not about the babies).

This forum and lots of the ladies here were very help-full - especially the advice of talking to mid-wife supervisor (i dint know they existed), and joining NCT classes were really really helpful.

So were NCT classes and the Yoga classes which kept me busy over the last month. And also the NHS ante-natal sessions.

Yesterday was the last day of my 8th month of pregnancy. And darling husband took care of my Hindu tradition and along with friends arranged for a baby-blessing day.

I had a priest coming home to perform prayers for the well-being of the unborn child, easy labor and well being of neo-natal and the mother - How thoughtful.

Friends filled the house with laughter and baby stuffs and one of the new found girl-friend brought me the ceremonial bangles, dress and make-up stuffs given to Hindu woman in their 8th month of pregnancy by their mothers or mother -in -laws. (the thoughtfulness got me really teary and I thought to my-self I was really stupid, avoiding girl-friends all this while :) )

officially into my 9th month of pregnancy. Looking forward for mom to arrive on 12th of July, mom and dad -in law on 18th and then mini-me on 20th July (if she stick to schedule).

We have got the essential baby stuffs, and I am now off to make a beautiful bedding for my darling little princess mosses basket (something with lots of frills and lace - a fairy tale stuff). And yup I have accepted that I am useless at crafty bits (now that the acceptance has come, learning would automatically flow :) )

Meanwhile, I thank my stars and the God, for giving me such adorable husband (everytime I look at him, I think to myself, am I really a good human to get a man lie him) and such awesome friends - there is nothing I would want to change this all for - not even the George street parties :)

Much love and hopes for happiness for all


Oh! BTW, meanwhile, my hormonal surge made me fight my mom and there was a week in between when we both decided that she should not come. My boyfriends when got to know this, said to me "beg for forgiveness to your royal mom-ness and ask her to come and take care of the babies, its been almost an year that we went to George street."

Made me think - oh! boy! I am not the only one who is pregnant - it seems we all are :D

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Ahhhh lovely not long to go now. .. lively u have made some girlfriends too... and have a lovely hubby. . And not long to wait till u hold ur beautiful daughter in arms xx


oh yes and I am pretty curious how she would look like - we had a 3d scan recently and everyone who saw the pictures said she is my xerox :) ( i am my mom's xerox so I wont be surprised )

I think she surely have my button nose though :)

And Girl-friends are amazing - I am glad I accepted them into my mind and heart :)


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