25 weeks 1 day.......... slight rant


Me moaning yet again but its going to be a very long week, Well my other half did everything in his power and came home on Friday evening and we had a lovely weekend together best one for a while, He went back yesterday to Southampton and i genuinely feel that we made up for the last few rubbish weekends he has been able to get home we went Primark shopping for our little man and he now has more clothes than us, just got the little day to day, round the house outfits. We discussed money saving ideas and we have decided rather than blowing our (his) wages each month he is going to send me some on each payday and then the rest is his, im pretty sensible with money him on the other hand not so much.

Anyway thats all that sorted, Our little man is getting very active now and i love every minute of it and love every single movement just starting to get a bit uncomfortable and things arnt as easy as they were I.E putting my socks on

I am extremely close to my mum, she has had a really hard time recently not been well and she lost her 59 year old sister suddenly in March, she finally got some luck and after not being able to decide has gone on the holiday she was suppost to go on with her sister and 2 friends yesterday. She text me last night to say they have lost her suitcase i feel so sorry for her and cant stop thinking about her this holiday has already cost her so much money, money that she could have done without spending and its really upsetting me the thought of her not having any of her things and especially the medication that was finally helping. I Just feel so bad on her just wish there was something i could do :(

Also i have a work collegue that leaves on Friday and she has called in sick which is becoming a regular thing with her, i have to do her work as well as my own and i just dont need it

Plus i currently have 2 jobs i go from one to the other every week day working about 11 hours in total, My cousin kicked her waste of space boyfriend (father to her youngest daughter) out over the weekend, she lost her mum 3 years ago and her older brother looks after her very frail dad, she has asked me to be there with her every night this week while my mum is away just for some company and when i said i had my other job she tried to make me feel bad by saying "you said if i kicked him out you would be there for me" Also as her boyfriend was the childcare for the youngest she has now asked me to have her at the weekends, (my only 2 days off) and my other half is only home at te weekends, she said if she cant work she cant pay her bills as she only works weekends, also its good practice for me and my mum can help me, its not the point im working 55 hour weeks and the weekends is the only time i get with my man as he is away all week i dont want to be looking after someone elses child i wouldnt mind but she wont even offer me anything for it, and i will be out of pocket if i take her child out with me but she literally has noone else, she doesnt care that i will be tired anyway and my mum isnt her biggest fan as she puts on me to much emotionally and financially but mum isnt gonna give up her weekends either but she just doesnt see it like that, she sees it as im not working saturdays and sundays i should help. She is very abrupt and will fall out with me if i say no, but i know my fella isnt gonna want to work all week and spend his weekend looking after someone elses child.

Am i being selfish or is she putting too much on me?

Sorry for a long boring post yet again

Hope everyone else is well

x x x

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Hi hun. Your poor mum! Assuming she is abroad? Hoping her belongings find their way bk to her. And as for you being selfish regarding your cousin! I think your well within your rights to say no, once in a while yes but every weekend is unfair on you and your partner. If her ex is her little ones father then I'm sure he would jump at the chance to have his child :-) the thing is you carrying precious cargo and you got to put yourself first hun. I had a 'friend' who took advantage, it was ' can you pick jack up from school' etc etc ( baring in mind I was heavily pregnant with a 4yr old and 2yr old) and in the end I said no sorry I can't do it anymore and she not botheted with me since but friends don't take peas not if there true ones anyway. Aww I was in primark yest but ours didn't have much in I liked for my littlest man!! It was a next jobby instead lol. When are you due and have you got any names in mind? Ive got poppy-may, charlie and ollie xx

thankyou for that, i have just had a bit of a rant with the dilievery guy in work he said i was within my rights to say no, i dont mind helping out on the weekends Petes not home but she is certainly not putting on my little mummy.

When i got pregnant we agreed Pete could choose a boy's name with James as his middle name after my brother and i'd choose a girl's with Catherine as the middle name after his mum (bit sneaky as we have lots of girls in our family and i was convinced i was having a girl) and then we found we were having a boy, Pete came up with some terrible names (one even being a vegatable) i did start to panic but out of the blue he said what about Ewan, it stuck and now all our family are saying it even my 3 year old nephew keeps talking about baby Ewan so we are having a little Ewan James :)

x x x

and they are all absolutely lovely names, i liked Oliver when we were short listing Boys names :)

x x x

Awww the poor delivery driver lol but he is right! Exactly she can't expect you to have her every weekend because who's to say she won't expect you to have little one once ewan (loving the name btw) is here! Weekend's are family time. I cant believe your working 55 hours a week, are you going to be reducing it anytime soon? And I meant to say in my first answer; your fella is not the only one who not great witj money! Mine is too lol im the boss wen it comes to money lol :-) xx

the second job will finish when im 31 weeks i just need as much cash as possible at the moment, this is my fellas first full time job, hes a baby compared to me, my toyboy i have always worked since i left school, part time while i went to college then always worked full time so did the spending money on rubbish when i was 16 lol think the money burns a hole in his pocket,

x x x

just realised you asked me my due date its 6th October so just over 25 weeks at the moment

x x x

Oooo I love a good rant :-) sounds like a great idea with the money :-) living out here and not being able to work I rely entirely on my husband.

Sorry to hear about your anty... It's good your mum has decided to go that's what she would have wanted. :-) I'm hopeful her suitcase will be returned to her it happened to on a long haul flight luckily it made its way to me on the next available flight out. I'm sure she will enjoy her holiday try not to worry too much.

Don't be a push over with your cousin. She is defiantly asking too much and personally I wouldn't take it at all. You work two jobs whilst pregnant you should have a medal Hun. As for her asking you to have her child, she should have thought her situation through more carefully before getting shut of her X.

Take some time to chill and relax you don't need stress and worry whilst pregnant you'll end up with HBP. And with your partner being away all week this time right now is about you and baby no one else. Xxx

I think i could do with some me time, my plan this week while i am on my own was to just rest and relax in the evenings but she has asked me to go round every night i dont get in till half 7 from being out since 8am, its only monday and im already feeling exhausted at the thought of coming to work everyday, then on to my other job then going to hers pretty much till i come home to go to bed :(

x x x

Lol lucky you having a toyboy hehe :-) mine just likes buying things we don't need! He quite likes fixing things and messing with shelves, he doing our conservatory at weekends as he works all week.i worked from leaving school till I had my little girlie then we decided that I would stay at home as I would have gone bk part time but all my wages would have gone on childcare lol and it was best thing I did I love being with the babes :-) I sometimes think oh god im only 25 and ive got 3 children! But id have another tomorrow :-D x ooo I loved being pregnant is yours running smoothly? xx

when i think about the last 25 weeks everything has been ok, im just a worrier tbh and as it does with everyone i get very hormonal and emotional, i think i'll be coming back to work part time as i think my sister in law and the other halfs mum is going to help out with child care but that makes me sound a bit hipocritical now about my cousin :/

x x x

No its not hypocritical if yr mum in law and sister are willing :-) and if yr part time it won't work out much between them xx I used to worry about everything with my first but now I just so relaxed about everything xx

Don't look after your cousins kid your pregnant you have 2 jobs, on your days off you need to put your feet up not running after someone's child!!cant your cousin see this?? She sounds really selfish.i would never do that even if it meant I had to fall out with people.her kid is her own responsibility not yours!!xx

Oh flossy, sounds like your avin a right old time of it :( firstly your preggers and spare time for you and partner is a blessing and I totally think your cousin is being selfish !! Plus 55 hr week at work sounds exhausting I also work full time and the weekends are for me to chill out and refresh from the weeks work. Hope your mum gets her suitcase soon bless her :(

Just on the socks thing i too am now finding it difficult and my toe nails could seriously do with a cut lol was thinking about asking the hubby to cut them for me but I would like to keep my toes so will persiveir for now lol, message me you need to chat xx all the best hun xx

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