I have seen people talking about twins and the fact is identical twins DO NOT need to be sharing the sack and placenta to be identical.

It all depends on how early the egg split because an egg can split very early and the two halfs can each grow in separate sacs and have separate placentas causing identical twins with seperate everything where you can't tell by a scan

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  • Hiya! I'm pregnant with twins and that is what my consultant said to me about my twins :)

    So until they're born I wont know whether they are fraternal or identical. It's weird I automatically assumed mine were non identical until the consultant put me right xxx

  • Well I have identical twins and they had seperate everything so you never know good luck with yours

  • I'm 25+6 with twins and mine have a very high chance of being identical as they are sharing a placenta and outer sack, with 2 fluid sacks inside that are separated by a free floating piece of tissue. I'm so excited to meet my 2 girlies xx

  • Now you are getting me a little bit jealous now, lol, I am going to have my early scan this week and I should be having twins but I will have to wait until I have the scan done, I am a bit hesitant , apprehensive and nervous at the same time but I just have to wait and see. You are almost there but I doubt you will be going on for 40 weeks, normally they will take the babies before that time, that's what my consultant said to me, not sure.

  • Good luck! I have been told I wont go any further than 37+6 so a maximum of 8 weeks 5 days left :) x

  • OK, best of luck on your journey that is near the ending.

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