Feeling really breathless ( at 20+3 wks)

Hi all

so recently "sinse about friday evening" ive been feeling really breathless all the time. My 1st thought was probably because of the "humid" weather i could be feeling as if im not getting enough cool / fresh air.

But it's now cooled down sinse last week & i feel as if ive been running up a 7ft mountain "most of the time". Its also leaving me feeling a bit dizzy at times too where ive got to sit down for a few minutes just to catch my natural balance back.

Im guessing it's also due to the baby position & by the look of her activity "at the scan last week" she's a very busy bee in there :-)

Im just wondering if anyone else is getting / or did have simular feelings around this time


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  • Hi there, it could be that your blood pressure is low which is quite common in pregnancy or you may be anemic which is also common.

    However I would strongly suggest you get checked over promptly by a Dr as it might be serious (such as pulmonary embolism) and it's not worth the risk to you both.

    Good luck x

  • O.k, thanks for your quick reply. My 1st thoughts was probably to wait until my 28wk ante-natal appointment, but if im still feeling like this by mid next week i'll definetely get it checked out.


  • I was like that a few weeks back had my routine bloods taken and my iron was really low which could cause breathlessness speak to your midwife get a blood test

  • Yeah I was going to say iron. .. when I lost lots of blood after a delivery that's exactly how I felt get to the g.p or midwife Monday and get ur Bloods done xx

  • O.k, thanks


  • Thanks,

    I just have a four year old son, so im a bit unlucky when it comes to the helpers carrying the shopping bags & etc.....

    I'll admit i have slowed down a bit with the shopping involving bottles as i would be finding it hard to carry most of them now.

    I'll try & get myself a quick appointment at my G.p in the morning. Thanks again :-)

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