Weird phases of emotion

I'm 37 weeks and having weird emotional phases. Today I was out and about. I had just been into the bank got into my car and felt like I wanted to burst out crying. I held it all in started the car and continued to drive home. On the carriageway I thought I was going to be sick in the car, I didn't know if I should pull over or just keep going. 10 mins up the road and I'm home. Got in and felt this almighty urge to sleep. Lay down and eventually fell asleep for about 20 mins. Woke up and feel fine. Anyone else experiencing weird things like this?

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Yes!!! Yesterday in fact! Really odd, isn't it?

No long now... :-)

Scary that its so close aaaggghhh

Yes!! You're not alone even though I'm only 20wks pregnant I find myself o.k one minute, then ready to burst into tears the next. At times it could mostly be something i see or hear on T.V for example, but it's fine xx

I'm constantly amazed at how the body changes and deals with pregnancy. The body is an amazing machine

All normal hun surge in hormones is to blame, :-( not long and baby will be here :-) xx

It will be good to get my mind and body back to normal

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