Don't make the same mistake!

I had my hooping cough jab yesterday and knowing that it can leave you with an aching arm, decided to have on my left as I'm right handed. What I stupidly forgot is that the most comfortable side for sleeping on - for me and baby is my left. Boy did my arm ache last night so there was no chance of sleeping on that side! It was a restless night to say the least. Don't make the same mistake ; ) x

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  • Oh no, how many weeks are you? I am 22weeks and have not been offered any vaccinations, should my midwife be putting me forward for these or do I ring the GP myself?

  • Think it's from 28 weeks are u seeing ur midwife soon? I Was told yesterday being seen at 28 weeks was too long so I have to make an app next week lucky I rang the community midwife dept!

  • Book in with your practice nurse at 28 weeks x

  • I have got a midwife app at 25 weeks so I will probably book them in with her then thanks.

  • Lol bless you! Hope arm is feeling better today!

    Megzey I had to book my own at gp surgery and its any time after 28weeks :-)

  • i had my 28 week bloods done with my consultant on wednesday, and thought i would be given whooping cough injection. especially when my brother and nephew had suspected whooping cough.

    i havent had nothing. maybe i should make an appointment with my gpx

  • I had my whooping cough jab on tues and my arm is only not hurting for first time today. Woke up last couple of mornings and it felt so dead. It is optional so maybe ask ur gp if u haven't had it, u have it after 28 weeks so call up if u want it xx

  • hi, seen your post there and it actually sounded like it was me who wrote it,

    im the very same I had whooping cough jab on thurs and every thing you've wrote is the very same as me, a very restfull sleep as I usually sleep on my left side to but after having jab couldn't, my arm was so sore and itchy x

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