Stressful weeks!

What a stressful week! So we are finally moved into our new house at last with everything settled just before my partner heads back offshore! Finally feel like I can relax for a bit. We had my "12 week scan" two weeks ago. I was 14+4 when we had it done and everything was good! Happy and healthy! Baby kept sticking their tongue out while trying to get pics! So came away with some very clear pictures and was very very happy! We announced to family we were expecting as I have managed to get this far and they were very very happy! The granny's are fighting over him already! I still have not started my new job yet.. And they still don't know I am pregnant which is the only thing playing on my mind now. I got the job out of 59 people and I now feel really guilty. I have already signed my contract and it is my absolute dream job. So I'm hoping all goes well as I'm really stressing myself out about it. I also fainted at my last day in my old job, i went straight to a&e and they said it is common in pregnancy. I then did it again the following day and havent felt the same since. i always wake up with a lot of pressure in my stomach and just dont feel right. feel as if i have no energy and im going to collapse any second. has anyone else had this? im not known for collapsing and never have until last week. Anyway i have my 20 week scan in 3 weeks and im so excited! we are going to find out what we are having, and i have in my head it will be a boy! so if they say its a girl i will be surprised!My partner is very excited now which I am delighted about as he was a bit unsure at start and rather nervous! He is going to be such a great dad! And really can't believe I'm nearly half way already! Hope everyone is well and all bumps are well!x

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Make Sure ur well hydrated and ur eating little and often.. could be ur blood pressure is give ur midwife a call and let them know they may check ur iron levels ... when in doubt check it out is my motto hope job goes well and don't feel guilty why shouldn't u have it.. just cos ur pregnant, u obviously deserve it over 59 people! Hope U feel better x


Yeah, during my 1st pregnancy i was exactly the same as i rarely felt as if i had energy to stand up. "luckily enough i had a call-centre type job then so i could spend alot of time sat down in a chair. Try eating Lil & often as well as good hydration. Fruit is good, with things like biscuit snacks too which helps keep your energy levels good too.



the first line of ur blog was enough for me to understand how stressed u must be as I moved in the last couple of weeks too at 27 weeks pregnant, It was possibly the most stressful thing ever and I feel ur pain there. Fainting is quite common in pregnancy, I never actually fainted but I did go very light headed at times which combined with sickness was horrible, but maybe yeh go and see about ur blood pressure/iron levels, I was monitored with my blood pressure as it was a bit high to begin with. I wouldn't feel bad about your job if they picked you out of all them people then if they want u they will wait for u if they maybe defer ur start date till ur back from maternity, try not too worry! I didn't start to 'bloom' or feel as good as I did pre pregnancy till about 18/19 weeks so hopefully u will feel btr soon. we found out and we are having a boy, everyone was convinced it was a girl but at my first scan coz he was being a pain and not in the right place for them to measure him I thought he has got to be a boy as he is being a pain but coz everyone thought I was having a girl they kind of convinced me too but as it is our first I really wasn't fazed at all what he was, although with all the boy names my boyfriend was coming up with I guessed he would be more happier with a boy but I think that is a man thing but when he was proved right he was so happy and the fact that he is already talking about getting him a season ticket at the football club we both support then I kno he is excited, now we just need to come to an agreement on a name lol. I know sometimes you will feel bit down at times or bit of out energy specially when its so muggy but time will fly and everything will all be worth it. take care and rest as much u can (easier said then done I know) xx


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