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Has anyone had their second baby delivered early after experiencing a still birth?

I gave birth to a still born little boy 10 years ago following a placental abruption and now pregnant again for the first time since, currently 14+3 :) I was told at the time of the still birth that I would deliver any subsequent babies early. Now that I'm expecting again I am getting more and more anxious as my midwife doesn't seem to share the same concerns I have and says I'm a low risk pregnancy. It's not necessarily for medical reasons that I want to have the baby early although I have a very slightly higher chance of the same thing happening again but in my mind I can't go past 38 weeks as it happened last time at just over 38 weeks and I was deemed low risk last time, no issues throughout the whole pregnancy. I have an appointment next week with a doctor at the hospital (although I haven't actually been told exactly what this is for) but I just wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience and whether they were able to have their baby a little earlier to help put their mind at rest. Thank you. (Sorry it's a bit long winded!!)

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Oh my god you poor thing, such an awful thing for you to go through no wonder you have anxiety over this pregnancy.

Maybe your midwife is trying to not react as such to stop you from worrying? I don't know.

I have experienced miscarriages and was so anxious when I got pregnant I specifically asked for a viability scan to put my mind at rest.

I hope that in time and with your ante natal appts you will be able to build a good relationship with your midwife and that and that she'll be more supportive to your concerns and not without good reason as far as I am concerned.

I am 40 having 1st child and have had good antenatal care to date, I am booked in for scan at 36 weeks as again I understand older mums can get placental problems and they wish for me to consider induction at 38 weeks.

If your not happy with your care then consider seeking a new midwife xx


Oh poor you, am so sorry to hear of yr loss :-( but big congratulations on this pregnancy. I feek really annoyed on yr behalf that the midwife doesn't share your concerns. Speak to the doctor about all your issues hun you got to get them out there. I'm sure all will be well this time but i can see your anxiety and worry and completely understand, its not the same but I lost a little girl at 20weeks and that was horrendous but I cant imagine goin to term but ive now got three children and didn't think id ever get there at the time. Well done for getting through everything and coming out on the other side xxx


Hi they i so sorry for your loss.this happened to a good friend of mine, same thing at just over 38weeks. With her next baby they brought her in and induced her at 38 weeks and she now has a beautiful 3 year old.the next pregnancy was also uncomplicated but for her own piece of mind and mental health she said she could never have carried her to term so they went with her judgement on it. I hope u get the same support form your midwife. Good luck and congratulations x


Hiya Claire, Are you going to deliver your baby at the same hospital? If you are then they will still have all your notes from your last delivery (really sorry for your loss). The meeting with the doctor are you sure it isn't the consultant? In your meeting they will have all your notes which they will read through and YOU tell them your concerns and ask to be induced early because of what happened they will keep an extra eye on you.

I had a meeting with the consultant the other week and was surprised of the amount of info they keep in paper files.

Good luck with everything and congratulations on your baby news :-)


Hi hun please dont stress as this adds to babys distress my sisters baby died at 40 weeks and born still she is due 6th july and is being delivered on monday. The consultant at the hospital are great they are alot more understanding then rhe midwifes when u have ur app ask as many questions as u need to no questions are silly questions and if ur enotional and need to cry infront of them do so they understand. I am due 2 weeks after ny sister and i have been treat by a consultant also even tho i am healthy you will be monitored to the hilt they are so helpful i know its hard but hang in there you baby will be here soon and in your arms xxx


I'm so sorry for what happened to you, firstly. It's an awful, awful experience for any one to have to go through, but especially at such a late stage. We lost ours at 5 and a half months - currently 40 weeks today and still no show (we were told it would prob be early as "second child", but this is the case for every second-time mother, so my mid-wife says), and we also didn't get specialist care as wasn't deemed a risk - it depends on what happened to your little one (we lost our to toxoplasmosis, which I am now immune to, hence no specialist care this time). My friend lost hers at 38 weeks due to Pre-Eclampsia - she got special treatment this time around (extra monitoring) and baby was born naturally at 39 weeks. All the best - you'll be fine xx


Thank you all for your messages. I'm feeling a lot more reassured now. I may have painted my midwife in slightly a bad light... Generally she's lovely, caring, approachable and her general understanding of what I went through is great its just the delivering this baby early bit that she seems less concerned about and kind of brushes over but for me it's one of the most important bits as is the only thing I can control. Will see how my appointment Wednesday goes. Thanks again everyone :)


Hiya, I'm so so sorry for your loss, my son Tyler was still born in October at 37+ 5weeks, I'm now 24weeks pregnant and I'm with a different hospital this time due to the fact I believe my other hospital was to blame, I had an early appointment with my new consultant to discuss my care plan, the consultant offered (and I accepted) they are going to induce me at 37+1 as it will be very hard and stressful if I was made to go t the gestation when we lost Tyler and that would not be beneficial for any of us. From the sounds of what my consultant told me the offer for an early induction for a woman who lost their child at full term is pretty standard practise as the added stress of getting to that date can be horrific, and just remember if they don't offer you can ask for it, I would be amazed if they said no! Hope all goes well for your appointment Wednesday. Xxx


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