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7 weeks, mild cramps but no bleeding. What is going on?

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I have been getting mild cramps in my pelvic area, same place as period cramps but not as strong. Occasional lower back ache at same time , also same place as when having period. Its not constant but frequent and I'm really worried something is wrong. Can't find any help on NHS website and not seeing midwife for 3 weeks. My GP is booked until July but I had seen a different doctor at 4.5 weeks before cramps started. He was really rude and dismissive of my concerns at that point so I don't think seeing him again would help. Has anyone else had this? Am I being a drama queen over growing pains or is something very wrong?

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I've had the same on and off for weeks now, I think it's normal and nothing to worry about unless you have bleeding. It's all the stretching of the uterus etc.

My Dr was the same when I called with concerns, basically said if I start bleeding then I'm mc and nothing they can do!

Hi hun it is worrying but I had this with all three of my babies..I put it down to stretching and everything settling down :-) xx

And congratulations!!!!!!!

Thank you both for replying so quickly. Is good to know someone else has had it and its been OK. I wish I could stop worrying and relax and enjoy things. Its so strange with all the changes happening to my body for something still so small. I am just praying that no bleeding starts. My husband wants to tell both our parents but I am too scared to jinx it, especially with these cramps.

:) thank you.

Hi, I'm just over 6 weeks and am having the same thing. Exactly the same as my first pregnancy. It's natural to worry and not so easy to relax but it is completely normal. Hope it's plain sailing for you from here on in x

Thank you for your kind words and reassurance. :) I will try and not worry.

I'm 8weeks and tbh I had quite harsh cramping in my 6th week and was really worried. Its all calmed down now and I only get the occasional twinge. Midwife said its all perfectly normal and only to worry if you bleed with it. Congrats on bambino xx

Thank you gigglysheep

Thank you gigglysheep

Its completely up to you whether you tell yr parents or not. I told my mum with all of mine butI was vvery sickly and just yuck for the first few weeks! Im sure the cramping is nothing but normal pregnancy development's but obviously if it starts to become painful and you do bleed call yr gp and get them to send you for a early scan. The anxiousness is completely normal too but just try and enjoy it and go with the flow :-) keep us updated xx

Still getting some cramping but not panicking about it now so its not as bad. Thanks for your support. Have felt violently sick 24/7 for the last 2 days but am taking it as a positive sign. Hope you all are doing well. X

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