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39 weeks low fluid

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So today I seen the doctor, blood pressure was normal urine normal. She said I looked tired, I am cos heartburn has returned and getting comfy at night is a pain.

Each time I get scanned as its routine and last week there was a clear black outline around baby my amniotic fluid(waters) and today no black at all she said they had dramatically reduced and asked if I felt they had broken. I think I would know really if they had. I've not had a show either Toni Braxton's have been on and off for over a week now getting more intense. Baby has reduced movements buts till getting +10 a day. Heartbeat was 125 which I thought was low.

My next appointment is Tuesday morning for a sweep but she seems to think I may deliver anytime now. :-) I feel the same I'm ready and last night I said to hubby I feel its imminent.

So should I be concerned by the fluid? The low heart rate?


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Hi huni, hope u don't mind me commenting but have read loads of ur blogs and just wanted to congratulate u on getting so far and wish u luck for labour.

Sorry, don't have any answers to ur questions but just wanted to say good luck and I hope u get 2 meet ur new bubba very soon!

Look forward to reading ur happy news soon, fingers crossed for a quick and easy birth!

T xxx

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Orh thanks Hun, of course not, :-) that's really nice comment and you've made me smile knowing that someone's reading them...

I'm fingers crossed I get to meet my baby soon it couldn't come soon enough I'm ready. :-)


Sounds Like baby is ready to come out! Hope It happens now! I said that with my first and got into bed and plug and waters went contractions started an hour later! So Sending positive vibes ur way! Xx

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thanks babymother im recieving those vibes :-) with thanks. i hope im right ive got a gut feeling that i didnt have with my other two. that being my dates are spot on... baby isnt engaged but neither was my second.... eeek im hoping anytime in the next wedk xx

I have to confess I read them all!! I'm a lurker lol!

Currently ttc and can't wait to start a family, but still got 'the fear' a bit! I have been pregnant b4 but had to have termination as baby was going to be born with no limbs and major heart/lung problems so I'm scared history repeats itself.

I love this site tho and reading stuff from ppl like u helps keep me positive that it will happen for me one day, so thanks for your blogs (and everyone else's) cos they do help me keep the faith!


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lol well im glad they get read. for me providing my story to help others means alot. any information guidence positivness support im happy to give and im glad that you enjoy reading them. :-)

definatly keep the faith hun be positive and enjoy baby making rather than focusing. sorry to hear of you previous loss can only imagine your pain you went through. keep strong and it will happen when you least expect it.

youve made my evening in your lovely comment thankyou xx

Aww thanks! I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets a lot from reading ur posts tho!

Keep us up to date with any developments! Wonder if it's pink or blue???!!! Oooh it's so exciting!!!

T xxx

ohh how exciting :) any day now.. :)

When i was in last tuesday the consultant said my placenta was poor and iv been worried about that but iv come to the conclusion that they wouldnt have sent me away if there was an immediate risk to my baby :) and i dont think you should be worried, if they were concerned at all they would have kept you.. I had the tracking done as wel which monitors babies movements and heartbeat and one minute it was so fast beating away then it slowed down again.. i wouldnt be 100% sure what is 'normal' but yet again hoping they would tell me :)

Iv an app tomorrow hoping they will do something with me :) like you I am so ready to meet my little one :) So close now :) xoxo

Wishing you lots of luck with the imminent arrival of yr little one! Look forward to reading your news :-) xxx

Oh and the heart rate in is normal safe range. At one if my antenatals babies was 127bpm xx

Thanks ashy2005 that's reassuring to hear , I did think the same I wouldn't have been sent home if it was dangerously low. Hope it goes well for you today and you get some kind of inkling as to when baby may make an appearance :-)

Thanks 2princes1princess I look. Forward to writing up my delivery blog :-) baby heart rate was probably resting it was wriggling around and heard for her to keep track ... So do u believe it the told wives tale for girl or boy? X

Hi Allyemo,

It sounds like things are going to happen soon, especially as it's not your first baby - all the best and hope everything goes smoothly. Definitely agree with the others that if the midwife thought there was any problem with your BP, she wouldn't have let you leave. With the lack of fluid, it may be that you have just been leaking it gradually rather than a big gush? And if that's the case, then it does seem likely that labour is imminent! xx

Well I did my. Shopping today I'm stocked up completely :-) I read up before that decrease in waters as baby gets bigger and labour is imminent so I've fingers crossed my doc is right and the sweep on Tuesday will defiantly do the trick. I'm watching movements though baby has def gone quiet today. X

I not entirely sure what the old wives tale is?? Lol it was nice of your doctor to say you looked tired! Just what every heavily pregnant lady wants to hear lol. Xx

Old wives tale is above 140bpm is a girl and below is a boy... I'm not convinced as pregnancy progresses the bpm decrease to 120 -140 especially during labour .... We shall find out :-)

Ooo lol I dont know about that one lol. Dont they say the babies go quiet when labour begins? I'm excited for you! Woop I love babies :-) at least you got plenty of food in so you can just chill and wait yay! Xd

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