Bleeding early pregnancy 7 weeks?

Hiya everyone last Sunday I experienced some dark brown bleeding/discharge I phoned my local hospital and they told me to make an appointment with my GP the following day. I went to the GP appointment and she seemed completely fine about what had happened because I hadn't felt any sort of cramping. She booked me to have scan this afternoon. Now I'm a little scared I woke during the early hours of the morning to use the toilet and the bleeding was back when I wiped now more of dark red and I've passed a small clot not sure what to do should I take it easy until my scan or go to a&e ?

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take it easy sweet, dont put urself through any extra strain. good luck and i hope the scan goes well x

I would just take it easy until yr scan hun. Have you any pain? Really hope yr can goes well. Good luck and take care xx

Thanks for the advice both ... I'm not having any pains at all

I agree with the comment made by "gigglysheep" Take it easy as much as you can, as you mentioned the discharge was dark & you're not feeling any cramping pains or anything it sounds as if this could be the left-over blood coming out due to the hormonal charges of the growing baby.

Just keep an eye on it, & wish you all the best. xx

I'm hoping that is all it is my partner is very supportive and has let me rest

Take it easy and wait for your scan, they wont be able to rush you through for a scan any earlier than the one you have got booked. Good luck with it and try not to worry, you will be able to see your little baked Beans heart fluttering at 7 weeks which will put your mind at ease.

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