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HSG then Clomid feedback?

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Well I had my hsg today and it went well. No problems detected! The consultant prescribed me clomid which I have to take on days 2-6 of my cycle.

Hopefully this will do the trick :)

Has anyone got any feedback following hsg or on clomid?

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Hiya personally I used clomid for six cycles with no luck at all, I have polycystic ovaries tho and everyone's different! But then again I have heard of lots of people getting pregnant on Clomid, you have nothing to lose! I also had the hsg but it could have unblocked something that i didnt know of but didnt get pregnant for about eight months after that. Good luck, hope to see you on here with some good news soon xxx

So did you have a child??? After HSG and Clomid?

Thanks. I've had loads of tests and all have come back fine..just have absent periods for last 3 months and not used contraception for about 4 years although only been actively trying for about a year. Hopefully good news soon :)

Yeah, best advice I can give you is try not to think about it relax and enjoy your relationship and it will happen when you least expect it. Try not to get sucked into the we need to do it every night as that will start to consume you and make you unhappy! I got pregnant naturally when I was waiting for my first ivf appointment because I felt it took the pressure off me that's why I got pregnant twins aswell :) xxxx

Thanks for your messages :) I think that's the key...try to relax and it will happen xx

I had laparoscopy and dye test. All came back clear. Took chlomid for 3 months and conceived on third month but unfortunately miscarried at 11 weeks. 3 months rest then further 4 months on chlomid without success. Stopped to start IVF which was unsuccessful. Consultant suggested try chlomid again before next round of IVF. He always maintained chances were higher on chlomid than IVF. Got pregnant on second month of chlomid this time and am now 28 and a half weeks with a little girl. It's a fairly unpleasant drug to take. It made me feel lousy and all the medics said I would find IVF drugs easy after chlomid. Well worth it though! Wishing you lots of luck x

Thanks :) good luck with rest of ur pregnancy xx

I was diagnosed with PCOS, after months on metformin and provera, finally took the first trial of clomid last December. It wasn't a great few days with insomnia, just feel v moody, lost of appetite and wasn't my usual self.

The part on tracking follicle growth is something you have to commit to, literally in and out of hospital almost every day to ensure that the follicles are growing well. I did end up having self injection to boost the release of eggs, timed intercourse etc.

All is worth it!

Luckily now carrying twins, 29 weeks and very excited.

Very best of luck.


After trying to conceive for over a year I had the HSG - came back all clear and turns out that I conceived the day after!!! I am 23 weeks+3days and so excited to be having a little boy in October.

Don't give up and try and relax about it all (although I know it is easier sdaid than done!)

Good Luck x

I have had prolactin 106.5 taking Dostinex 1 pill a week half / half every 3 days then  Came 6.15 was normal.  Then trying 6 month no luck. than doctor put me half pill a week of Dostinex. He wanted HSG and it was clean and my husbend sprem was healthy so doctor put me on clomid first months will see hope everything will be fine. I am 1 year and 3 months married. 

I used clomid for 2 cycles and took a break as it can be very exhausting and painful mentally and physically so when I took my break I went like a month with out my period then going onto my second month with no period I found out I was pregnant :)

I wish you luck on the journey of getting pregnant

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