Such an amazing feeling and needed to share :-)

I've just felt my biggest kicks yet from baby (aka Noodle!)

They were so big you could see my belly moving!

It's such a reassuring feeling. I'm 19 weeks and was starting to worry that I was feeling more than I should. I've never really felt the bubbling/butterfly sensation, just kicks, so was wondering if i was feeling the wrong thing.

Seeing this just proves that I'm not going mad and have a super strong little Noodle in there :-)

I tried to video on my phone for my husband, but of course as soon as I pressed record it stopped, typical!

Can't wait for the next kicks now :-)

Hope everyone is having a lovely day :-D

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Hi cant beat the feeling of the first big kicks :-) its so reassuring as you say and your noodle is obviously very happy in there lol. All of mine stopped kicking when anyone else went to feel lol they must know their mummy's touch :-D xx


Ah lovely isn't it xx


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