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Not sure if this is first feeling of movement?

Hi all,

I'm currently 22+1 weeks and have been longing to feel the first movements of my baby (I'm getting quite sick of reading the emails each week saying I should be feeling something by now!) At my 20-week scan I saw that (s)he was wriggling around a lot & found it crazy that I couldn't feel anything! I read on my scan report though that I have an anterior placenta and this can muffle the feelings.

Anyway, I've read a fair bit saying that the first feelings feel like flutters or bubbles or such like & am wondering if what I'm feeling right now is baby movements or not. It does indeed feel a bit 'bubbly', like my stomach is busy digesting some food (it's not that long after lunch!) It's just that the sensation is coming from quite a bit lower down than I expected, hence why I'm questioning it. It feels more like it's coming from my lower abdomen rather than right up where my (expanding) belly is. Any clues?!

Thanks :-)

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im currently 24 weeks 2 days that is definately what my first movements felt like i would say you are definately feeling baby flutters

mine started directly under my belly button but much lower down still get them alot there now but also to one side (mainly the right) slightly higher up just think it depends how my little man is lying and over the coming weeks they will get stronger

My cousin described it to me as trying to hold wind in

x x x

If you seen your baby wriggling about on the scan but couldn't feel it in your tummy then I would try not to worry, you may have a thick placenta which is blocking the feeling. I didn't feel my 3rd baby until 20 weeks and it was only slight movement.

I think the bubbles feeling is the first signs or it could be wind.

Thanks both.

It's not so much that I'm worried, just impatient! I still don't really feel pregnant & I think this could help it sink in!

Ur Bowel sits behind your womb so the feelings u get at the bottom of ur tummy are def baby :)

I also have placenta at front and so although baby moving fine, couldn't feel it for a long time. I'm now 27 weeks and can feel it but not loads. Just one of them things! You will feel it properly eventually and when we are near the end I'm sure we will be getting fed up with big ouchy kicks! X

Thanks CheekyP. Good to hear from someone in the same position. Hopefully it means our sleep will be disturbed less?! ;-)

Hi lavagirl :) I've had my 24 week appointment with midwife today and she said i have an anteria placenta so movement may be hard to feel sometimes, she said if I haven't felt proper movement by a week or so to get checked further but I actually think I have felt the odd poke here or there so hopefully will start to feel regular movement soon :)

I'm also very impatient lol hopefully you'll feel some movement soon xxx

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