Am I eating to much 24 weeks pregnant

An I eating to much 24 weeks pregnant. With in my weight guidelines and I'm a chef so on my feet a lot and active. One small bowl of ceral. Lunch; cheese salad sandwich, 1 pack of crisps, 1 apple. Dinner: 2 soya keivs and salad. Snakes: 2 slices of toast, 1 godhead fruit bar, 1 bag of crisps, 1 fruit pot. My weight is just over 8 and a half stone and my pre pregnancy weight was just under 8 stone


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  • Snakes - I wont really know if you can eat that in pregnancy ;)

    but if you are not getting much cravings - than you are doing it fine :) Dont worry about the weight much - babies the placenta, the water everything together can have different weight for different people - so its not same for anyone !

  • Hi there

    I agree, snakes are probably off the menu but I can't imagine you need to worry if you have only put on just over half a stone and I don't see 3 x victoria sponge on your list anywhere.

    I found this on the internet, I think it's american as it's in lbs but it might help put your mind at rest


  • Everybody is different but u sound like your eating fine and the fact you have only put on 1/2stone is fine you could probably put on some more and be ok they say 2 stone is roughly the guidelines x

  • Thanks everyone sure I'm just getting worried over nothing everyone keeps telling me how massive I look and how I look much bigger than 24 weeks. Think I look average for it but then get worried when people say that

  • Don't worry hun everyone has a open mouth louder than usual opinion when your pregnant. Just ignore them if your midwife or doctor is concerned then they will tell you what you need to do. I've had the opposite oh your very small yarder yarder... Doctor is happy with me weight gain. she was slightly concerned about baby growth but a scan cleared that up. I'm a week behind but really nothing to worry about. So enjoy your pregnancy and eat what you like in moderation mind while you can :-) x

  • I am 22 weeks and have put on a stone in weight. I don't snack and I am running around after 2 children (well I say running but you know what I mean). I just eat big meals about the same size as my husbands, and as soon as I eat I still feel hungry.

    You sound like you are doing great with eating, they say you dont need to up your food intake until later on and it is only by 200cals or something ridiculous like that.

  • I just listened to my body. Sounds like you're all doing fine. If you're still feeling hungry try upping your carbs to fill you, especially if you're working on your feet all day in a kitchen. Your body knows what it's doing and your baby will take whatever it needs from you. Agree with everyone above; people make comments with the best intentions. I loved people saying my bump was massive; it made me feel more secure that I had a strong healthy baby that was going to make it. I did, she was 10lb 8oz, and I lost 3 stone straight after having her; 2 stone less than when I conceived. Just make sure you're looking after you too. :)

  • You've put on only half a stone in 24 weeks so that's good (or maybe even little-what does your midwife think?). Different bodies react differently so I am sure you are fine. The only advise that others also gave you is to try and eat healthier. Avoid processed foods e.g. crisps, cookies etc (you can treat yourself to junk a couple of times a week). Also your diet seems heavy on carbohydrates, low on protein and very low on fresh fruit and vegetables. It might be useful for you to buy the book "What to expect: what to eat when you are expecting".

  • Sorry small mistake: I missed your salads in the menu. So you are doing fine on veggies

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