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i am about 12 weeks now got scan on thursday, but i have been suffering with really bad sickness any fuild i take in the morning comes straight up. i never had this with my first and slightly worried the baby isnt getting enough nurients and vitamins because i am being sick all the time. been to the doctors and been on three types of tablets but they make me feel worse. I am starting to worry now.

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Just have the smallest bits to eat and drink as often as you can manage. The baby will take all if the goodness you have from your stores so even though you feel rubbish the baby will be getting all the goodness you out in your body, even the stores from before you were pregnant. Hope the sickness passes quickly x


There are other medications you can try if the ones you're on don't work. Have you contacted Pregnancy Sickness Support pregnancysicknesssupport.or... they have a helpline and lots of information on the website about medications. If you continue to not be able to take in any fluids you might end up dehydrated and need to be admitted to hospital for IV fluids, this is quite a common outcome for women with severe pregnancy sickness. The other poster is right, you shouldn't worry about the baby, if you were in good health before the pregnancy it will be ok, but you should worry about yourself. In this day and age there's no need to suffer like this, there are treatments and you should be encouraged to try them all till you find something that works. I don't want to be a harbinger of doom but don't be fobbed off with the excuse that it will probably stop soon, hyperemesis hardly ever stops before about halfway through the pregnancy. Most doctors don't know this, it's quite new research. I've done some research on this myself which I am trying to get published.


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