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Iron and Calcuim Magnesuim Level

Today I went to GP as I am concerned about low iron and magnesuim level. I have some cramps in my legs during sleep. Dr said there is no test until 28 week it is ridiculus. Maybe I can have anemia and low Magnesuim level. 28 is very late for this. NHS is very bad system. is there anybody taking Solgar Gentle Iron without iron level test or magnesuim tablets?

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I have just requested a blood test for iron from my GP (I'm 8+3 weeks), saying that I am feeling extremely faint and often dizzy, struggling to wake up in the morning (even after 8-10 hours of sleep), and have recently started to have nose bleeds. He scheduled me in immediately.

If your GP refuses to do a blood test despite your symptoms, I think you should consider changing your GP.


I told my midwife that I always need iron whilst pregnant this is my fourth but not interested! I've been taking pregnancy vitamins all through, got lower and weaker but still no blood tests offered until I was 29 weeks and surprise surprise I was very aneamic, on iron for just over a week and what a difference already! ! Why do they insist on leaving us till we get so low, go back dr's and insist on a blood test, surely iron tablets are not that expensive! Good luck hope they get you sorted x


I will buy myself since in my country not GP cares pregnancy gynecologists take care during whole preg and they said I should take from 18 week. As the baby grows we need more blood. Does NHS pay the vitamins for pregs?


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