Bleeding at 13 weeks & terrified!

I went for a wee earlier & when I wiped there was a medium amount of bright red blood on the tissue. It seems to have slowed down to a brownish discharge (sorry everyone) & I have had absolutely no pain. I have been booked for an emergency scan in 2 days time to check everything, but I am still terrified that there may be something wrong.

I have read that this happens quite a lot more than people think. Can anyone PLEASE set my mind to rest a little? Did this happen to you? was everything ok?

I love my little baby so much, I don't know what I will do if anything happens

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Oh hun, i know its easy to say but try not to worry too much, its definetely more common (during the early stages of pregnancy) to get a unusual discharge of blood.

The plus side i guess is you'll be getting an emergency scan in 2 days but try to take it easy.



I had some bleeding at 6 weeks, which also terrified me, had a scan a couple of days later which showed the heart beat and now I'm 39 weeks pregnant and everything is fine. I know a lot of people who have also had similar experiences. Brown blood is old blood and the fact that you don't have pain is also a positive. Hope everything is ok x


It's so easy for us to say don't panic but please stay calm and try to relax I had exactly the same just hours after announcing the pregnancy to family, then again several times in the next few months! Turned out I had a cervical polyp! Just decided to bleed! Bleeding in early pregnancy is an awful lot more common than you think, there are various causes and it is even just unexplained sometimes! Get lots of rest, feet up and nothing too strenuous before your scan! X


If its only light, and more brown than red there should be nothing to worry about. I had light brown 'spots' all the way into my 2nd timester... and when I actually counted back the dates they were always when my periods should of been. I had an early scan too just to make sure, and everything was fine, and still is, baby just started kicking this week and I'll have my 20week scan next week, can't wait xxx


Thanks you so much, ladies. It honestly has helped to reassure me. Counting down the hours until the emergency scan now x


Hey blakeybee, when I was 12 weeks pregnant I woke up in the night and my pj bottoms were drenched in blood and when I wiped I had clots on the tissue and they were dripping out into the toilet (sorry for tmi). I went into hospital and that morning they did a scan and my baby is o.k, I am currently 21weeks 5days, then I had brown blood which lasted for about 7 weeks after. You might have a heamatoma in your womb which has ruptured, it is blood cells that when your cervixs stretches they rupture.

I would say as you are still not bleeding that it is a good sign. When I had my mc in dec I bleed for about 3 weeks solid.


Hi everyone

I just wanted to let you ladies know that I had the emergency scan today & everything was fine, baby was perfectly safe & happy & I literally had a HUGE sigh of relief. So happy that everything is ok. Thanks for all your reassurance ladies! X


Glad all was well. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy x


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