War & Peace

Just having a read through the maternity pack I've printed off from work - it's no exaggeration that it's like war & peace! I work for a major international company so it has to cover several jurisdictions but they don't make it easy for you. Think you need a degree to understand it all especially when you have baby brain :P

Actually, this 'baby brain' excuse is coming in quite handy at the moment - if I have forgotten something that I really shouldn't have my colleagues claim it must be my baby brain :D handy lol

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I agree with the "war" part, not so much peace though. LOL, I just dont get why ( most work-places) feel the need to 100% exagerate the amount of paper work that goes into your maternity leave / pack.

As if its not like your having a baby "or anything" in a few months.

The excuse i used to give was something like, "oh sorry i may have sent the documents to the wrong department :-)


Oh baby brain ... I had serious dose of it from 24-34 weeks I'd forget about play dates, petrol, my purse I'd forget loads of stuff and the excuse was brilliant lap it up... :-) while you can. X


My work has been really good in terms of the things i need to do for my maternity, i deal with one specific lady in the HR department and if i have any questions i ask her, maybe see if there is someone that can give you some guidence. i wont get my Mat B1 form till next week at 25 weeks 3 days and the guidlines on my maternity notes say the HR department need it by 25 weeks, again the HR lady has been really understanding and she has received my letter so she said i can forward the form on when i have it

funny comment on the baby brain front i put my work trousers on without any underwear last week then when i realised what id done took them off put my PJ bottoms on and then put my trousers back on, you honestly cant make these things up can you :D

x x x


I had only to tell my supervisor that I intend to take maternity leave and he fills out the forms for me :)

Universities are heavens !


Being self employed and filling out the Child tax credit & working tax credit is bad. I dont know why they just dont make things easy. I bet they just hope that you find it to difficult then just give up and dont bother.


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