39+5 weeks... soooooo ready to meet my little boy and all i hear is 'oh love you havent dropped at all, it will be a few weeks yet' or 'Gosh iv never seen someone so high up and due so soon, he doesnt wana come out.' :( :(

I remember dropping with my little girl 7 years ago but do you really have to drop in every pregnancy? I know its a silly question but its really getting to me as i wake up every day hoping to finally meet him and when people say things like that it gets to me :( xx


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  • Apparently not, baby tends to drop/ engage earlier in your first labour but in subsequent ones it sometimes doesnt drop until labour begins. Ignore ppl they always like to seem like they know better. I had someone tell me that my baby hadnt dropped last week but i knew bubs had, which was confirmed at my midwife appointment 2 days later!! Try not worry :-) x

  • Thank you :) I feel a lot of pressure and i had thought he had dropped, Iv heard that second babies might not drop until labour. Sometimes you just wish people would keep their opinions to themselves lol.. I guess he will come when hes ready :) xox

  • I know you mean, I had ppl telling me my bump was to small, which started me worrying. Now bump i too big, if anything!! Lol. Aaahhh people!!! Lol x :-)

  • No Hun my second was breech at 37-39 weeks she didn't drop at all she turned at 40+ thank god, I had a sweep only when I was 4-5cm I lost my plug and waters went at 7-8cm :-) anything is possible with your second x

  • Im Glad to hear that! Im I 10 days today as of today.. and keep waking up hoping to see signs of the plug going... With my first I went in to slow labour @ 35 weeks so all this waiting around is new to me :( I keep hoping for signs that my little one is coming but nothing as of yet... I was starting to worry that Ill go Over due.. but since I read your post I feel better :) X Hate how 2 pregnancy's can differ so much !!!!!

  • :-) it really is unpredictable I had my sweep @3pm back ache around 6-7pm and went into hospital at 1-2am I remember the midwife saying have you had a show , my reply no, oh ok well we will check and see how far, she did I was 4-5 cm needed loo after the check and plug came away. How long have you got left Hun? I'm seeing my doctor tmrw 39 weeks exact :-) x

  • i have 10 days to go as of today... due 28th... Got my midwife appointment on Thursday.. So Hoping she will give me a sweep :S X

  • I guess Everyone is so different.. 40 weeks tomorrow and have my hospital app on Thursday so hopefully they do something.. :) I haven't had so much as a wimper of anything :( no show, no contractions, no nothing.. really don't want to go over but have tried everything lol. Hopefully you girls have more luck than me.. the waiting is the worst :( xoxox

  • Hello Ashy and everyone,

    I totally sympathise. I am now 40+6(!) and never really dreamed I would be overdue :(

    As others have said, no-one other than the midwife/GP can really tell you how far away from labour you are. My baby's head is engaged, but I never actually noticed when / if I "dropped", as such - though other people have expressed the view that I have(!) I am off to have my second sweep now, so fingers crossed that it does something! Good luck to all of you and wishing you imminent labours :) xx

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