Absolutely, positively shattered!! And still only 24weeks!! :-(

Ok so I'm not exactly new to this pregnancy malarkey, this is my 3rd I've had 1 of each + expecting my 2nd little boy, so I've done both to compare to, but never in my other 2 pregnancies can I remember being this shattered at this point in pregnancy??

I'm totally exhausted, I can't sleep well at night due to my mind not shutting off, then when I do relax enough I get restless legs, then I can't get comfortable because I'm usually a front sleeper and when I whine to my fiancée the d*#~head laughs at me!?!? Bloody men! I'd love them to be able to have a couple of days in the life of a pregnant woman, I bet there would be a lot more only children!!

Also in this pregnancy I've been suffering with braxton hicks loads (well 2 or 3 times a day) and that's been going on for about 8weeks already?? I never knew you could get them that early, never had them at all with my other 2?? So when they started before I was panicking thinking I was going to go to the loo and find I was bleeding, the BH I've been getting is more of a low dull period pain rather than the tightening I've heard other people report, scary stuff when you don't know what's going on!?

So all in all I'm feeling like a tired, hormonal, irrational, hypochondriacal pregnant lady, certainly aren't the poster girl with a glow people are always so keen to tell you about when it comes to pregnancy and the ICP hasn't even started again yet!!! Haha JOY!! Lol

Sorry it's a bit long and cheers for reading my rant if you've made it to the end! Xxx

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You have every reason to have a Lil' rant / moan. "I understand" i only have the 1 other child "so this is my 2nd pregnancy" @ 19+wks & i feel absolutely shattered most of the time. & to top it off my other half was wanting to have sex last night & because i blatently refused he decided to have a "big baby" sulk & not talk to me the rest of the night. (bloody men) :-)

Anyway my main issue right now is a sharp / niggling pain i get in one side of my ribs "when lying down. I end up tossing & turning most "if not all" night & im a Lil fed up now :-(

I have a hospital appointment coming up on Thursday, so I'll hopfully get a chance to ask the midwife about it, also it will also reveal the gender of baby ( so ive got that to look forward too)

I think you mentioned the baby is a boy, im not so sure about myself as im pretty sure i didnt get this pain (in ribs) with my son. I guess every pregnancy is different.

Take it easy & get as much rest as you can hun ! :-) Also ignore these men because if i dont I swear I'll throttle him. LOL. xx


I am 25 weeks now and know exactly what you mean about the rib pain at night. I've not slept properly for weeks due to the pain building up on whatever side I sleep on. I've tried all sorts of pillow combinations and found the only thing that helps is a hot water bottle - but not very practical when you need to keep swapping sides and in the warmer weather. My tiredness + hormones makes things difficult and instead of comforting my hormonal 15 year old daughter who is leaving school I ended up joining in and bawling my eyes out! Just need to focus on the reward at the end and I'm sure those 15 weeks will fly by :-)



I know how the emotions go too, at times I've just got to step out of the room (my son's in) & have a good cry "just to let it out" My son's a good boy (most of the time) but just like any other child he wants to do everything & anything & I'm absolutely shattered.

Lets hope the rest of the pregnancy does fly by, as you said



Haha men are rubbish!! Well, my other half is good most of the time, just really unsympathetic!! I'm also quite lucky as don't get pestered for sex as he says he can't do it while I'm "like that" pointing at my belly!! Talk about making me feel like a leper!! He was fine with are 1st but got really put off and freaked out when he got kicked it the stomach "right at the crucial moment" when pregnant with are 2nd!! Lol I've never see him shoot out of bed so quick!! Haha so I'm more worried how I'm going 2 cope, not had sex for 2months and still got another 3 to go!! :-/ might make me sleep better!! Lol

I've got to be honest I've never had pain in my ribs, with any of mine, thank god, don't think I could cope with that too!! They should really include all these little pregnancy ailments in the sex ed. classes at school, then instead of these girls having these idealistic pregnancy ideas they'll find out the truth, pregnancy blows!! Lol

Oohhhh good luck with your appointment Thursday, hopefully little one will be in a revealing mood!! Xx


Haha, I like the fact the baby gave your other-half a good kick, (that's a good one). I'm pretty sure if the perils, & pains of pregnancy were to be tought in schools we wouldn't see so many teen pregnancies "for sure"

Thanks for the encouragement for thursday, I'm guessing the baby's definitely going to be in a awkward position ( hence the reason I'm getting all this pain). Im just hoping she'll be able to see the gender bits clearly enough, as the wait is just tourture for me


take care


Know how u feel luckily I'm starting to sleep better now. .. got so much going on in my life at the moment. . Getting Used to big changes but I'm getting there. . I've Had siatica now I've got passion in my pubic bone and it clicked the other day but the last couple of days having pains in my hips...sooo painful even sitting down is painful have to shift about to find a comfortable position! Do Understand where your coming from xx


Lol wish I had passion. .. meant pain! !!


im 24 weeks and 1 day and think my body has forgotten what sleep is, My little man lets me know when he is not comfortable and its usually when i am most comfortable, hes been wriggling alot today and it made me feel a bit sick before but im not complaining at all its nice to feel after panicking last week :) and i know its going to get a lot more noticable

x x x


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