Pains/aches in legs?

Hi everyone hope you are all well. My first time on here, I am currently 34+4 my third child after a 12 year gap you forget what its like!

Finding it very difficult to sleep at night have constant pains in my hips when I lay on my sides and legs aches and feel very restless. Lucky if Im getting two hours sleep at the minute.

Is anyone else experiencing similar or have any advice?

Thanks in advance

Amanda x

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hey, I am 28 weeks and my hips r killing but at night I put a pillow between my legs just to raise my legs and it does help. I have also been going swimming couple of times a week just to kind of loosen my legs and hips in a way u cant do any other way and its quite relaxing. It wont take the pain away completely but might help u get a better night sleep and feel bit btr. its easier said than done specially if u have 2 other children but rest is precious so do it as much as u can. x


I've been same am so tired and fed up. My age gap will 12years as well and total forget what it's like to be pregnant it's like starting all over again. I mentioned my achy legs to midwife she said to try a nice warm bath before getting into bed


Wow, 12yrs is quite a gap. Ive got a 4yr old son & now 19 + wks pregnant with my 2nd, but the aches & pains im getting are also all so new I can't believe it at times.

I do also experience some sort of tiggling / numb-ness in my legs, ive just put it down to the pressure on my nerves as our weight gains "or baby's weight gains"



Hi - this is my first pregnancy and I hit 5 months tomorrow.

I too have been experiencing this pain for the past 2 weeks - it would appear to be Sciatica. Have been told paracetamol is ok but if it continues to let my midwife (whos on holiday) know x


Dear Amanda,

The pain you are feeling at that stage of the pregnancy might be for either mechanical reasons (where and how the baby positions itself in its womb) and the influence it has on the position your pelvis takes to adapt to baby's pressure. Baby might 'compress' slightly some nerves on the dorsal root of your spine and the nerve compression refers to other areas in your body, for instance your hips and legs. Very often as you are quite advance in your pregnancy and still active, baby will try to tell you that 'rest' is a must in your diary. You do not want a tired baby or nervous one who doesn't sleep at night, it is for you the time to 'nest!'. You mention that you can't sleep much at night. Is it because of work or because of the pain? They sell some great pillows in JMB where you can find a better comfort and relax more easily.

I would suggest you three things: drink hot water cups ( as much as possible) - this will rehydrate your fascias and give ease to your baby to move about while helping your tissues stretching with no marks ! Stop tea and coffee or cold drinks which dehydrate you and you will see how quickly and how better you feel.

I gave birth twice with no painkillers at all, not even a paracetamol, just preparing my body to give birth with loosening muscles and ligaments just with water, hot water! It works! All my patients do it!

Secondly i would suggest you to try to apply on the plantar aspect of your foot 2-3 drops of magnesium oil (you can find this in pharmacies). You want it in spray shape and you want the green one not the purple one. You can apply this twice a day until you give birth only.

Thirdly if you take a bath, take it with sea salt only and a little twiny bit of epsom salt (only occasionally). The best is to take warm bath with water only! No soap allowed!

Then I would add a fourth advice, but cautiously this one, as there might be some mechanical problem that you may be able to correct osteopathically with very cautious and gentle manipulation in your pelvis by somebody skilled and specialised in that field you might want to try seeing an osteopath to help you release the pressure around your pelvis.

I would be thrilled to do that for you, but I have no idea where you live. I am in Surrey.

Good luck,



Thank you all for your replies, been a big help I will be trying these very soon. x


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